Young wonder

Ryan Hickman is only 8 years old, but he discovered his passion for recycling at an even younger age.

After a visit with his father to their local recycling center in 2012, Hickman started Ryan’s Recycling Co. in California when he was 3 years old, collecting plastic and glass beverage bottles and aluminum cans. Hickman and his company have since recycled more than 300,000 cans and bottles.

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Knowledge on the go

WasteLab is a 49-foot, 10.5-ton semitrailer converted to what GGS calls a “mobile teaching center for solid waste education.”
The WasteLab Greater Greenville Sanitation (GGS) education program in Greenville, South Carolina, has been in use for more than one year, and GGS indicates the knowledge students are gaining of municipal solid waste (MSW) and recycling is measurable.

GGS has conducted assessments of students who have visited the mobile classroom to measure their knowledge of waste minimization and resource conservation. “Results in testing saw as much as a 16 percent improvement in the program’s first full year of operation,” GGS states.

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Increasing interest

A new survey by the Carton Council of North America has found that 61 percent of respondents report they always recycle food and beverage cartons, an 11 percent increase from when the survey was conducted in 2016.

Ninety-four percent of consumers support recycling, according to the survey. Seventy-four percent believe recycling is important and should be made a priority, and an additional 20 percent think it is somewhat important and people should do what they can to try to recycle.

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