Andersen’s Sales & Salvage in Greeley, Colorado, takes the quality of its shredded nonferrous metals products seriously—to the extent that it developed its own patented IQASR system to create premium zorba and zurik grades.

According to Sarah Willcutts of Andersen’s, the company operates a Riverside M88 auto shredder that handles a variety of dealer and peddler scrap. The shredded materials are directed toward a sophisticated downstream sorting system that is asked to accomplish several goals, including “to remove the magnetic fuzz and trash from our nonferrous stream,” says Willcutts.

Continues Willcutts, “Using Eriez eddy currents, we produce a clean zorba package that we turn into a very clean twitch package. Our sophisticated nonferrous separation system also allows us to recover the maximum metallic value from the remainder of the nonferrous product—producing clean, consumer-ready product.”

Eriez has been a critical supplier to the Andersen downstream system, with the Colorado recycling firm showing a preference for Eriez eddy current units, including the RevX-E model with the Quick Change belt feature. “We have six Eriez eddy currents, four of which feature the Quick Change belt system,” notes Willcutts.

Andersen’s Sales & Salvage has been using eddy currents from Eriez for seven years, and Willcutts says there are critical reasons the firm stays loyal to Eriez. “The Eriez Quick Change belt system and the easy splitter adjustment are extremely useful features and save time,” she comments. “The splitter adjustment can very easily be managed by one person with accuracy, allowing for on-the-fly splitter adjustments if necessary.”

Willcutts says Andersen’s has had previous experience with belt changes and adjustments that took far longer. “The Quick Change belt system takes a fraction of the time, saving me and my employees time and frustration,” she notes. “This reduces downtime and allows me to spend time in actual production.”

The time savings, says Willcutts, has a clear bottom-line impact. “Time is money, and by saving time with splitter adjustments and belt changes, Eriez is saving me money and allowing for increased revenue.”

The company’s findings are in line with the benefits experienced by other Eriez customers, who have been increasingly placing orders for the RevX-E eddy current separators outfitted with the time- and labor-saving Quick Change feature.

The good impression Andersen’s Sales & Salvage has of Eriez goes beyond the quality of its equipment, extending as well to the quality of its people. “Eriez is an excellent vendor; they are easy to work with and the equipment delivered is high quality. Any support that is required is handled very quickly with honest pricing and answers.”

For more information on Eriez RevX-E eddy current separators with the Quick Change belt feature, visit or call 1-800-345-4946.