Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations achieves e-Stewards certification

Onalaska, Wisconsin-based Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, a full-service electronics and materials life cycle management company, has announced that its corporate headquarters has earned e-Stewards certification from the Basel Action Network (BAN), Seattle.

Founded in 2007, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations provides solutions for electronics recycling, materials recovery, legislative compliance, information technology asset disposition (ITAD), product refurbishment, remarketing and resale and data security.

E-Stewards is a global team of individuals, institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies upholding a safe, ethical and globally responsible standard for e-scrap recycling and refurbishment.

The e-Stewards certification is an addition to Dynamic’s current R2 (Responsible Recycling Practices), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certifications.

“We’re committed to going above and beyond regulatory compliance to safeguard our customers and the planet from the risks associated with managing e-waste,” Dynamic CEO Miles Harter says. “By obtaining e-Stewards certification, in addition to our existing R2 certification, Dynamic further demonstrates our dedication to provide customers with absolute confidence that the job will be done right.”

Vice President of Sales Jason Schott says the certification further solidifies Dynamic’s dedication to achieve and maintain certifications customers find valuable. “With the addition of the e-Stewards certification, Dynamic continues to put our customers’ needs first, providing complete transparency, security and assurance of brand and risk management,” he says.