Glass Recycling Coalition launches new tool

The Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC), Ann Arbor, Michigan, has announced the release of an online decision-making tool, available at, to help recycling program managers evaluate or improve their glass recycling programs. Developed with the help of GRC members and guidance from GRC’s Government Advisory Council, the coalition says the decision-making tool is equipped with best practices, interactive data, contract considerations and additional resources for municipalities.

“We’ve heard from municipalities that feel they don’t have options for glass recycling in their communities,” says Katie Wallace of New Belgium Brewing and GRC leadership. “To address these concerns, this tool provides resources and examples of communities that are making glass recycling work, through collection, processing and access to end markets.”

The decision-making tool walks users through a series of questions designed to assess the current state of glass recycling in their communities. After each question is answered, a link is provided to a related resource or tool, including:

  • collection best practices;
  • environmental benefits;
  • case studies;
  • glass cleaning options;
  • funding resources;
  • contract consideration information;
  • additional end market possibilities;
  • an interactive map of processing, end markets and drop-off locations; and
  • a policy map.