Tomra Sorting Recycling Sharp Eye Technology

Norwegian company Tomra Sorting Recycling has introduced Tomra Sharp Eye technology, which the company says makes separating single-layer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) trays from PET bottles possible, enhancing the previous capability of Tomra’s Autosort machine to separate multilayer trays. Sharp Eye Technology:

  • uses embedded artificial intelligence, enabling seamless analysis of sorted products and making future plants smarter
  • introduces a larger lens for higher light intensity, allowing even the most difficult-to-distinguish properties to be detected
  • allows users to achieve higher and more consistent quality for new plastic food-grade packaging, according to the company

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Vecoplan VAZ 1300 M FF

The VAZ 1300 M FF from German company Vecoplan, represented in the U.S. by Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, North Carolina, features the company’s patented SureCut shredding system. The SureCut system:

  • was designed for single-stage size reduction of plastic films and synthetic fibers being reclaimed for extrusion
  • incorporates a specialized rotor cutting geometry, a wedge bed knife, a close-tolerance cutting configuration, a reinforced close-tolerance screen and hard-faced cutter mounts
  • has a hopper with a volume capacity of 3.75 cubic yards and a 52-inch-by-58-inch infeed opening

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Visual Workplace Inc. Floor-Mark High Performance tape.

Visual Workplace Inc., Byron Center, Michigan, has introduced Floor-Mark High Performance floor-marking tape. Marking floors is an efficient way to direct behavior, promote safety and reinforce workplace standards, but industrial work environments create challenges for traditional tape and paint. Floor-Mark High Performance:

  • is designed to withstand tough conditions, such as forklift traffic, hand trucks and material handling
  • features “high bond” acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • is flexible enough to conform to uneven surfaces
  • uses peel-and-stick application for ease of use

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Kice Industries offset vane feeder

Kice Industries, Wichita, Kansas, has introduced a new offset vane feeder to its product line. The new design results in shorter lead times and lower costs, the company says. The vane feeder:

  • is used to meter product out of storage tanks or into equipment
  • can bolt directly to an aspirator
  • provides a seal to protect against product leakage
  • delivers a constant, volumetric rate of feed
  • is built with heavy-duty, mild steel

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