Tomra AutoSort CyBot

This new technology from Tomra Sorting Recycling, based in Germany, combines “deep learning” artificial intelligence (AI) with a vacuum-equipped robot picking arm. It features:

  • a new generation AutoSort scanner working in combination with an electromagnetic sensor and a robot arm
  • as many as 70 picks per minute based on the number and type of fractions sorted
  • the AutoSort system, which includes a broad range of sensors and uses data to classify objects
  • Tomra’s Sharp Eye technology, which is designed to enhance sorting sharpness and improve the separation of difficult-to-target fractions while also saving energy

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Bobcat R-Series loaders

West Fargo, North Dakota-based Bobcat Co. has released the tracked T64 and T66 compact loaders and the S64 and S66 skid-steer loaders. They are part of R-Series, designed to offer “upgraded performance with greater lift capacities and higher lift heights than their M- and M2-Series predecessors,” the company says. The loaders also feature:

  • an improved cooling system
  • a redesigned Bobcat inline engine and durable direct-drive system
  • a five-link torsion suspension undercarriage

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Bunting High Intensity Separation Conveyor

Bunting, Newton, Kansas, says its High Intensity Separation Conveyor (HISC) helps create high-purity copper scrap by achieving “maximum separation of stainless steel and ferrous dirt” in shredded, insulated copper wire (ICW) cleaning applications. The HISC:

  • is suitable for wire prechopping purification and postchopping purification in ICW separation applications
  • helps to reduce wear and tear on chopper knives by removing stainless steel and ferrous dirt, resulting in a higher throughput and less knife maintenance and downtime
  • is suitable for other applications requiring high-intensity magnetic separation, including medical stainless steel separation, circuit board recycling and purification of granulated plastics

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