Steinert UniSort BlackEye. Cologne, Germany-based Steinert Group says the UniSort BlackEye has been designed to tackle the challenge of “the pure separation of black plastics.” The new optical sorting system “enables recycling companies to produce purer granules that are so valuable that the investment in the device quickly pays off,” Steinert says. The UniSort BlackEye:

  • has scan belts that move at up to 13 feet (4 meters) per second
  • is capable of scanning about 35 million detection points or up to 5,000 objects per second
  • is ideal for industrial applications for crushed plastic parts measuring between 0.4 to 1.2 inches (10 and 30 millimeters)
  • has a throughput rate of 1 ton of plastic flakes per hour

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Fairbanks Scales FB6000 weighing instrument. Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, has released the latest generation of the FB6000 weighing instrument, featuring a new web interface that enables calibration and custom ticket formatting. Additional features include:

  • compatibility with analog and digital weighing technology
  • suitability for midrange single truck scale applications, including in/out, gross/tare/net or basic (one button) in/out weighing
  • can be used to run reports and enter vehicle data
  • hassle-free, automatic or manual incorporation of traffic lights

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Rapid Granulator The Raptor Series. Rapid Granulator, headquartered in Bredaryd, Sweden, has introduced The Raptor Series for plastics shredding. These modularly designed shredder and granulator hybrid units feature an “open-hearted” design. Other features include:

  • direct access to the shredder rotor and cutter chamber to simplify cleaning and servicing
  • a front door, hinged on the side, provides unrestricted access to the rotor and to the screen
  • once the machine is open, all fasteners are accessible from the outside using air-driven tools
  • 36 base configurations are available to handle various customer applications

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Toter cart latch. Toter, Charlotte, North Carolina, has launched a new lid latch for carts. The DuraLatch is fully compatible with automated collection trucks and also features:

  • gravity-based functionality, meaning the lid opens automatically when the truck tips and empties the cart and latches when the cart is set back down on the curb
  • an audible “click” lets users know when the lid is securely shut
  • protects cart contents from rain and other elements
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