Sierra International Machinery, based in Bakersfield, California, has been in the recycling equipment business since the mid-1980s. But before the Sacco family began manufacturing and selling recycling equipment, it operated Sierra Recycling & Demolition, a scrap processing company. That experience gives John Sacco, President and owner of Sierra International, a unique perspective on Accent Wire-Tie, the largest manufacturer and supplier of bale packaging equipment, baling wire, and plastic strapping to the recycling and waste industry in North America.

Sacco says the company uses Accent’s Model 470 wire tier on the REB baler Sierra Recycling & Demolition operates. “We’ve used it for years now with great success,” he says of the 470.

When Sierra International Machinery builds its two-ram REB balers, it gives its customers the option of selecting the make of wire tier to be installed. When a customer asks for the equipment manufacturer’s advice, Sacco says, “We tell them we’ve used the Accent wire tiers for years in our own facility and we recommend them.”

Sierra also relies on Accent to supply it with the baling wire it uses in its wire tiers. “We use it every day and don’t have any issues,” Sacco says.

“It’s a good product, and it’s easy to recommend a good product.” – John Sacco, President and Owner Sierra International

“It’s easy to recommend Accent to customers,” he says. “We are one of the only baler manufacturers who bale every single day, all day long. We have more skin in the game than most as to why we’ll use or recommend certain things.”

Sierra has also installed Accent’s Envirobale system for two of its customers that are handling municipal solid waste (MSW). The Envirobale system replaces the wire or plastic strapper on a double-ram baler and ejects the bale into a bag. No strapping or wrapping of the bale is necessary.

Sacco says that while other wrapping systems are available for bales, its longstanding relationship with Accent—the companies have been working together since 2009—and the quality of the product have led Sierra to recommend the Envirobale system to its customers. “It’s a good product,” he says, “and it’s easy to recommend a good product.” Among the attributes of the Envirobale system that Sacco likes are its single-man operation, ease of use, and the efficiency it offers.

Sacco says he is pleased with how Accent’s products perform and how the company stands by them. “They are very consistent in how they treat customers,” he says. “All equipment is going to hiccup occasionally, and you must have a company that stands behind their product. Accent does that very well.”

The quality of Accent’s employees also stands out to Sacco. He says Gregg Weeks, his West Coast sales representative, “is absolutely fantastic,” and that Accent’s service team is very knowledgeable and great about following up.

As far as John Sacco at Sierra International Machinery is concerned, Accent lives up to its tagline: Strong people. Strong products. Strong ties.