Gathering information can be a time-consuming process when recyclers shop for equipment and technology. Knowing that time is both scarce and valuable to recycling plant operators, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has created a six-installment video series that guides operators through the most critical factors in an investment decision.

The BHS Value Series offers viewers an inside look at the real value drivers behind a material recovery facility (MRF) investment. The story is told through dozens of interviews with the people of BHS, Nihot, National Recovery Technologies (NRT) and Zero Waste Energy (ZWE).

“The decision to invest in a recycling system, like any investment, inherently carries a certain degree of risk,” says BHS CEO Steve Miller. “Our customers are under increased pressure from their stakeholders to increase recovery and are simultaneously facing downstream pressure to increase end product quality. This series examines the pre-purchase factors a MRF equipment buyer should consider to find the integrated solution that mitigates risk and drives superior financial results.”

The first two chapters, Integration and Innovation, are on the BHS website now with others to be released monthly.

In the Integration installment, Miller says the seamless welding together of the four brands has led to “something you can only get from a company that has such a wide range of services, such a broad base of talent and such a capability mechanically, technically and operationally that really doesn’t exist anywhere else in the industry.”

The Value Series is a must-watch for any decision maker who is considering an investment in recycling technology. The series examines not only the most important considerations of performance—recovery, purity, throughput and uptime—but also how buyers benefit from a partner that will be supportive and c

ollaborative throughout the life of the system. “In 2014, we launched our MSW Video Series, which received excellent feedback from the industry,” BHS Marketing Manager Peter Raschio says. “With the Value Series, we’re taking it a step further, featuring a wide variety of interviews from different disciplines and in a completely unscripted format. This series explores the factors MRF buyers should consider to gain a competitive advantage in their business.” The remaining chapters are titled Design, Execution, Performance and Collaboration. Chapters three through six will be released in one-month increments beginning in December. To view them as they’re released, BHS recommends following the company’s LinkedIn page and subscribing to its YouTube channel, Available videos also can be viewed directly by visiting