Sicon EcoScan Online

Sicon, Hilchenbach, Germany, has introduced the EcoScan Online, which is designed to provide reliable analysis of shredded scrap chemical parameters as well as its bulk weight so steel mills can determine the optimum input amount of this material. The technology:

  • is an automated online system that detects the chemical composition of shredded scrap
  • can be combined with Sicon’s ScrapTuning technology, which removes impurities detected by the EcoScan Online
  • can be implemented in an existing plant network

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BPS Container Loading System

Best Process Solutions Inc., Brunswick, Ohio, offers a container loading system that is engineered to load shipping containers with ferrous and nonferrous metals for export. The system features:

  • a vibratory hopper feeder with a manually adjustable product flow control gate
  • a loading belt conveyor with a speed of up to 1,000 feet per minute to allow for more material to stack up in the container
  • a system control package that includes a variable frequency drive for the feeder and the belt conveyor
  • load cells or belt scale options

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Redwave XRF

Redwave, Austria, offers the Redwave XRF sorting machine to separate e-scrap, scrap metal, plastic, glass, copper, brass or silver from waste. The unit offers:

  • X-ray fluorescence technology to identify and sort
  • elemental analysis of the targeted material
  • color-independent detection of aluminum, zinc and stainless steel
  • sorting of different types of alloys with one machine

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Goudsmit Magnetics Conveyor Feed System

Goudsmit Magnetics, Netherlands, has developed its conveyor feed system to prevent clogging of the vibratory chute during the recycling process. The system:

  • creates a monolayer of material to improve separation efficiency
  • features three conveyor belts each with its own task to ensure the continuous flow to the next processing step
  • removes ferrous metals during the second step so they do not interfere with the final eddy current separation step
  • is designed to achieve ferrous and nonferrous separation without time-consuming machine downtime for cleaning

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