Kraton launches CirKular+ compatibilizers

CirKular+: Kraton’s line of compatibilizers are designed to enhance the performance of a variety of postconsumer and postindustrial plastics, bioplastics and combinations of virgin and recycled plastics. Applications include increasing the homogeneity of resin blends, such as polypropylene/polyamide, and of polyolefins contaminated with PET or nylon.

What’s new? The CirKular+ additives, which are block copolymers based on polystyrene and polyethylene/butylene rubber.

Benefits: Enhanced mechanical properties and end-product recyclability. Plastics modified with the additives can undergo multiple cycles of mechanical recycling with minimal degradation of physical properties in comparison to unmodified resins.

Kraton Corp., Houston,

Silky Bliss makes for smooth recycling

Silky Bliss: Ampacet’s new line of masterbatch products is designed to give packaging made from virgin or recycled PET a sophisticated, modern look. The masterbatches are compatible with the near-infrared sensors that are used for sorting plastics in recycling facilities.

What’s new? The product line, which is available in six stock colors and can be produced in custom shades.

Benefits: Enhanced value. The line of masterbatches improves the appearance of recycled PET, allowing it to be used in more upscale applications without interfering with its ability to be sorted for further recycling.

Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, New York, 914-631-6600,

Wittmann Battenfeld system integrates sprue picker, granulator

Ingrinder: Wittmann Battenfeld’s combination of equipment, from sprue picker to granulator, can be used alongside a range of the company’s injection molding machines, including the SmartPower, with up to about 100 tons of clamping force, and the EcoPower, with up to about 121 tons of clamping force.

What’s new? This special arrangement of equipment, including a sprue picker, vacuum conveyor, dosing switch, HiQ Flow viscosity compensation and granulator—the red piece of equipment shown in the picture. The granulator is integrated into Wittmann Battenfeld’s Unilog B8 control unit.

Benefits: The compact design of the system and the ease of use of its controller. The granulator has been specially adapted to the frame of the select presses that can be married to the Ingrinder, and the sprue picker was specially chosen based on its height. Also, this particular arrangement can compensate for different flow properties in the process.

Wittmann Battenfeld, Torrington, Connecticut, 860-496-9603,

Feeder tackles tough materials

FiberXpert: This loss-in-weight feeder from Brabender Technologie can handle film flakes, strips of edge trim, PET bottle flakes, shredded plastics, carpet residues and other polymer fibers. It is suitable for feeding long and uneven fibers, including recycled natural and carbon fibers. Applications include recycling, in-house recycling of edge trim and startup scrap from film lines and compounding. It is configured with a digital load cell or a high-resolution strain gauge load cell for weighing accuracy.

What’s new? More sizes. The company has expanded from one model to a line with four models, with maximum feed rates ranging from 19.4 cubic feet to 703 cubic feet per hour.

Benefits: More effective feeding. Long, unevenly cut fibers that aren’t capable of flowing can be fed reliably thanks to a special fiber screw, the large inflow area of the hopper and the special geometry and positioning of the agitator in the hopper.

Brabender Technologie Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, 905-670-2933,

Film Examiner system removes contaminants

Film Examiner: Lindner’s Film Examiner system is used in film washing lines to remove rigid particles of polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, aluminum and wood. The system is installed after the thermal drying portion of the washing line; it is available with new Lindner equipment and is retrofittable into existing lines. It uses adjustable air flow to separate contaminants from film flakes based on their size and density. Contaminants fall into a collection bin that is simple to monitor and empty.

What’s new? The system.

Benefits: Improved product quality. The compact system separates small, hard contaminants that are difficult to remove using other methods. Additionally, the company says it is easy and cost-effective to retrofit the Film Examiner into existing equipment.

Lindner Recyclingtech America LLC, Statesville, North Carolina, 800-235-1391,

Updated shredder/granulator saves floor space, energy

SG: Virtus Equipment’s SG line combines the functionality of a single-shaft shredder with a three-blade granulator rotor in one integrated unit. The line size reduces injection-molded, blow-molded, extruded, thermoformed and rotomolded parts and thicker materials, such as purgings. A gearbox drives the shredder, while the granulator is driven by a separate belt drive; the independent drive mechanisms allow for greater control over the size-reduction process.

What’s new? A new control panel. Its sequenced controls allow the shredder and granulator to be shut down in the correct order to allow the material to be cleaned out.

Benefits: Space savings. With a footprint of 11 feet by 6.5 feet, it can handle all size-reduction steps in a small area, opening up floor space. Its hydraulic ram automatically feeds material, and a Virtus Smart Drive system can reduce energy consumption by monitoring load and adjusting the electricity used to match demand. Rare-earth magnets mounted between the shredder and granulator capture any metal that enters the machine, protecting against damage.

Virtus Equipment LLC, Northbrook, Illinois, 847-291-1800,

Optical sorter able to incorporate three sensors

Varisort+: This sorting system from Sesotec offers upgrades from the original Varisort. It can incorporate up to three sensors—near-infrared, color/shape and metal—to speed up and improve sorting of incoming material. It separates plastics by type, color and shape, and it excludes metals and foreign objects. Optionally, it can be configured with three chutes for sorting the material stream into three fractions. Varisort+ can work with conveyor belts in widths of 3.4 feet, 5 feet, 6.3 feet or 9.2 feet. Sesotec sorting systems are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by KRS Inc.

What’s new? The Varisort+, which debuted in July.

Benefits: Improved profitability. With a throughput of up to 8 tons per hour and a rejection accuracy rate of up to 99 percent, Varisort+ separates very pure fractions, wringing value out of a material stream. Design improvements have made it easier to clean and maintain, decreasing downtime and improving efficiency. Its sensors can be upgraded throughout the life of the product.

KRS Recycling Systems Inc., Niagara Falls, New York, 716-205-0554,

Vacuum can handle wet or dry materials

EasySwitch: This wet/dry vacuum from Exair makes it simple to change between picking up dry materials or liquids and is designed to handle tough industrial cleanup. To vacuum dry materials, a filter is installed; to pick up liquids, the user removes the filter. The unit attaches to any 55-gallon drum, and the vacuum is powered by compressed air. It runs at 79 decibels, which won’t harm the operator’s hearing.

What’s new? The EasySwitch, Exair’s first-ever wet/dry vacuum. The vacuum has a patent pending for its quick, toolless method for changing the filter.

Benefits: Safe, reliable operation. The EasySwitch has no motor or moving parts to wear out or get clogged, and it avoids the safety hazards posed by electric vacuums working with liquids. EasySwitch is available in a basic configuration that includes a 10-foot-long vacuum hose and plastic tools, a 20-foot-long compressed air hose, shutoff valve and gauge. Other versions are available, including one that includes a drum, drum dolly, heavy-duty tools, a tool holder and HEPA filter. Prices start at $1,795.

Exair Corp., Cincinnati, 513-671-3322,