Maren Engineering has been building high-quality balers since 1962. More than five decades of experience has taught the company about industry demands. Applying the latest manufacturing practices and engineering has helped Maren meet those demands head on!

“We’re observant. We know what works and what does not,” says Todd Wondrow, Maren’s president. Being alert and responsive has led Maren to re-engineer itself along the way. “When I bought into the company I did it with an eye to the future,” Wondrow says.

Maren Engineering has a well-earned reputation for building high-quality, long-lasting machinery. “We’ve built on that legacy by expanding the product line and integrating new technologies and proven manufacturing methods,” Wondrow remarks.

Built to Last

For decades, Maren has produced balers for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Today the product line includes two-ram, auto-tie and closed-door manual-tie balers, plus conveyors and shredders used to condition material prior to baling.

Smartbale contamination free changeover

“We began building two-ram balers in response to customer demands,” says Mike Blais, Maren Regional Sales Manager. “Our contacts in the industry were looking for machines built to hold up against the toughest requirements and deliver maximum throughput. That’s what we’re building.”

Maren balers are fabricated using interlocking construction, which allows any one part of the machine’s frame to benefit from the strength of the rest of it. “It’s all linked together,” says Wondrow.

“Our large bore A-Series and Two Ram cylinders do not mount with pins in shear, or bolts in tension” explains Wondrow. “Main cylinders are interlocked to the baler’s frame. This creates a steel-on-steel connection that will virtually last forever.”

To ensure each machine ships ready for production, Maren pre-tests key components and does full system testing on each baler. “We also use finite element analysis in our CAD/CAM design phase to engineer out stress points that create undo fatigue,” says Wondrow.

Tested and Ready for the Long Haul

To design a superior automated operating system, Maren invested hundreds of hours working in the plants of customers. By running the machines in production environments, and analyzing customers actions, the team developed Maren’s proprietary Smart Bale system.

ProPak 2-Ram shipping to a customer

Smart Bale provides an easy-to-use menu to select pre-programmed recipes designed for each commodity processed. The system also has monitoring tools that allow for simple and contamination-free material changeovers.

The Smart Bale Mobile Interface allows a mobile equipment operator to also be the baler operator. It’s simple, intuitive and works from a tablet mounted directly on a piece of mobile equipment.

“We laugh that most manufacturers argue that they can’t afford to do the things we do. We just feel that we can’t afford not to do them,” says Wondrow.

If you’re considering an upgrade in your baler, be sure to talk with the Maren team.