Tomra AutoSort Color

Tomra Sorting Recycling, Germany, has introduced the AutoSort Color, a machine designed to work in combination with the company’s AutoSort Laser to separate colored glass from municipal solid waste. The machine features:

  • Fluid Cool LED technology, which is designed to deliver a constant light source and quality for maximum yield
  • ease of maintenance and a self-cleaning function to help sorting facilities minimize disruption, downtime and repair costs
  • the Tomra ACT user interface, which delivers critical sorting information and real-time processing data

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Hammel VB 950 DK Red Giant

Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH, Bad Salzungen, Germany, has introduced the VB 950 DK, a version of the Red Giant primary shredder that features the latest generation of hydraulics, a new cooling system and significant noise reduction. It offers:

  • a tilting hopper with lay-up surface for long materials
  • an adjustable permanent overbelt magnet that is parallel to the discharge belt
  • new band construction with increased height and belt speed
  • integrated warning lights for emergency stop and diesel reserve positioned on both sides
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    MTB wire chopping lines

    Wendt Corp., Buffalo, New York, offers high-volume, fully automated wire chopping lines from French company MTB with the latest models of prechoppers, granulators, air density tables and vibratory screens. The lines are designed to:

    • be robust, reliable and effective
    • produce finished products of optimal quality
    • process difficult materials, including aluminum, copper cables and shredder wire

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    CM Dual-Speed Chipping Shredder

    CM Recycling Solutions, Sarasota, Florida, says its chipping shredder is capable of processing passenger, truck, SUV and semitruck tires down to 2-inch chips. The chipping shredder:

  • is available as a turnkey system
  • offers mobile or stationary setup
  • is equipped with reusable knives for multiple uses
  • offers multiple screens that can be changed quickly
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