A U.S.C. triple-flow-system

The processing systems engineered and supplied by Mackinaw, Illinois-based U.S. Conveyor (U.S.C.) help scrap dealers maximize recovery and purity of the metals they’re extracting. To work effectively, these plants rely upon an even, steady stream of material. The U.S.C. batch feeder ensures that!

Following China’s restrictions on the import of zorba, TT&E Iron & Metal, Garner, North Carolina, needed a solution for its zorba.

“The U.S. Conveyor batch feeder has had an exceptionally low cost of operation, it’s very easy to maintain and totally reliable,” Goldstein says. “We’ve been running the unit for a year, and it’s required no significant maintenance, but our team loves the access that’s been designed in to reach all the crucial operating parts easily.”

“We made the decision that we needed to clean the material up while also maximizing our recovery,” says Lee Goldstein, vice president of finance at TT&E Iron & Metal.

As part of Goldstein’s job, he oversees the company’s shredder operation. The company runs an 88-inch Metso shredder.

“We had a very tight timeline; we wanted to get the plant up and running as quickly as possible. U.S. Conveyor was willing to work through all of the details with us and deliver an integrated plant that did what we wanted it to do,” Goldstein says. “You know, the batch feeder is something you don’t think about. You just want it to run.

“The U.S. Conveyor batch feeder has been fantastic,” he continues. “We turn it on, and it just runs. Importantly, it delivers a very even and steady stream into the zorba plant. That allows our downstream equipment to harvest more material and clean it up as we’ve specified.”

TT&E operates a U.S.C. 16-yard unit to feed its plant. All the batch feeders produced by U.S. Conveyor are specifically designed and built for the scrap industry. They feature heavy fabrication, powerful motors and are designed for easy maintenance.

“The U.S. Conveyor batch feeder has been fantastic.” – Lee Goldstein, TT&E Iron & Metal

The units feature a self-metering kick back drum design and AR wear liners. Multiple flow rate adjustment points deliver the flexibility to easily control the flow of whatever material is being moved. The units have been refined through years of research and development to ensure no surges, no jamming and no leaking.