BossTek introduces VFD system

BossTek, Peoria, Illinois, has introduced an optional variable frequency drive (VFD) system to its lineup of dust-suppression equipment that allows users to adjust airflow to suit a broader range of applications and working environments. The company says the VFD system reduces the need to purchase or rent different models to match output to specific project requirements, delivering greater flexibility and reducing the total cost of equipment ownership.

“Atomized mist technology has been widely accepted as an extremely effective approach to dust management,” BossTek Sales Manager Mike Lewis says. “This new development will allow users to tailor the fan speed to match the job. Project managers may need the wide coverage and long reach of our larger models on some jobs, but the volume and throw distance may be too much for smaller projects, such as those in crowded downtown locations. Instead of using a smaller machine to accommodate their changing needs, now they can simply dial back the airflow to match the requirements of those smaller projects,” he adds.

Lewis says the VFD is likely to assist companies with variable needs, including transfer stations and indoor applications.

The VFD control is available via a dial or remote control on three of the company’s DustBoss models: the DB-30, DB-45 and DB-60. All three use specialized nozzles and a ducted fan design to atomize the water flow into droplets 50 to 200 microns in size. According to the company, being able to match the droplet size to the most common particle sizes delivers the greatest opportunity for them to collide and fall to the ground.

The company says the VFD modular design facilitates installation and configuration, with communications options that include a dual-port EtherNet/IP card for networking flexibility. An LCD human interface module supports multiple languages and features scrolling text to explain parameters and codes. Flexible motor control options include volts per hertz, sensorless vector control and economizer mode to suit a variety of applications.

FleetMind names inaugural winner of its Public Safety Heroes campaign

FleetMind, Montreal, has recognized Kyle Schmidt from the city of Dickinson, North Dakota, as its first annual 2019 Public Safety Hero Campaign Grand Prize Winner. The Public Safety Heroes Campaign, which ran from June to September of last year, offered waste and recycling fleet managers the opportunity to recognize and nominate their safest drivers to compete for the title of 2019 Public Safety Hero and a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize.

“Mr. Schmidt stood out from the rest of this year’s nominees as the best example of safe driving behavior,” FleetMind Regional Account Director Frank Flores says. “I was extremely excited to present the award to Mr. Schmidt … in recognition of his stellar driving record and commitment to safety.”

FleetMind says its FleetLink driver behavior software that can be used to generate back office reports that detect aggressive driving behavior, speeding, hard braking, accidents and more, played a prominent role in the submission process.

According to the company, Dickinson’s fleet manager used the FleetLink back-office software to extract and submit Schmidt’s driver’s scorecard and his performance report as proof of his safety track record. Other nominees sent in FleetLink camera system recordings of drivers using quick judgment to avoid collisions and dashboards and reports showcasing some of their safest drivers.

NASCO-OP declares 2019 dividend

National Association Supply Cooperative (NASCO-OP), New Philadelphia, Ohio, has declared a 1 percent patronage dividend for 2019.

The dividend, calculated on the purchases a member or associate made at the cooperative, further reduces the purchase price of supplies and equipment, NASCO-OP Manager Bob Bedard says.

“In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, the need for NASCO-OP is greater now than ever before,” he says. “Cooperatives give members and users of all sizes the purchasing clout of an entire industry while still maintaining their independence,” Bedard adds.

Voith opens facility in Houston

Voith, with U.S. offices in York, Pennsylvania, opened a new facility last fall in Houston. According to Voith, the 32,000-square-foot facility is focused on performing gearbox repair, retrofits and overhauls, servicing Voith and non-Voith products.

The company hosted an open house in mid-November of last year for customers and vendors to learn more about the site’s gearbox workshop. Event attendees had the opportunity to experience Voith’s Asset Performance Management integrated through augmented reality (AR) via a demonstration of the VoreconNX variable speed drive. Guests saw firsthand how AR can be used to access information such as technical documents and video training guides.

The Voith Group, based in Germany, is a global technology company with a portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications. It also offers shredders, presses and conveyors for the recycling industry.