Stanley LaBounty MSD Legend Series shears

Stanley Infrastructure, Portland, Oregon, has expanded its line of LaBounty mobile scrap shears. The new MSD Legend shears:

  • feature 10 percent more force than the company’s previous shear lines
  • offer increased uptime with Dual Max Indexable Protection
  • provide 360-degree rotation with improved balance to provide better control, reducing drift and increasing operational stability
  • are equipped with the InSite app that provides real-time data to optimize shear performance and productivity

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Stadler delabeler

Stadler, Altshausen, Germany, has introduced its delabeler, which is designed to remove labels from all types of plastic bottles. The delabeler:

  • removes up to 80 percent of labels
  • can process up to 9 tons per hour, depending on the particle size and material composition
  • features robust construction and is resistant to impurities
  • has an adjustable rotor speed of 20 to 60 hertz or 80 to 240 rpm
  • is equipped with blades made from high-tensile steel that are attached to the rotor at one end and to the housing’s inner wall at the other end

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Fairbanks Scales Talon low-profile truck scale

Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, has introduced a truck scale that it says is ideal for replacing older low-profile scales reaching the end of their service lives. The Talon:

  • is ideal for sites with little clearance
  • is available in 60-, 70- and 80-foot sizes and in profile heights of 12, 13 or 14 inches
  • features cover plates large enough to provide full access to the load cells and Smart Sectional Controller/Pit Power Supply (SSC/PPS) mounts
  • is easy to install

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