Nordson V-Type self-cleaning screen changer

Munster, Germany-based Nordson Corp. says it has updated the design of its patented “power backflush” V-Type screen changer, creating a more compact and efficient system that eliminates downtime in extrusion, pelletizing and recycling. The screen changer:

  • features a 30 percent shorter backflush cycle for increased efficiency
  • provides up to 200 backflushing cycles before screens must be changed
  • uses a single displacement piston for backflushing rather than having one for each screen cavity
  • uses a hydraulically powered backflush system to automatically remove contaminants while maintaining extrusion throughput and keeping flow and pressure constant
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ScrapCash ATM

Los Angeles-based firm ScrapCash has released an ATM that it claims to be the only employee-theft-proof unit on the market. The ATM:

  • sends a text and an email when the machine is low on funds, enabling 24-hour monitoring
  • eliminates the cashier position
  • can integrate seamlessly with any scrap yard software
  • includes software that generates a receipt printed with a pin number and bar code
  • can be purchased for $19,000 with no hidden fees

ClearSpan Fabric House Building

ClearSpan Fabric Structures’ new Fabric House Building is an updated design of the South Windsor, Connecticut-based company’s Hybrid Building. It features:

  • the frame of the Hybrid Building covered completely in fabric
  • a peaked roof and overhanging eaves designed to provide extra outdoor coverage
  • sidewalls that are available in heights of 13 feet or 20 feet
  • an American-made triple-galvanized steel frame warrantied for 50 years
  • a 20-year warranty on the fabric cover
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MSS L-VIS optical sorter

Nashville, Tennessee-based MSS Inc., the optical sorter division of the San Diego-based CP Group, has introduced technology updates for its L-VIS high-resolution color and shape optical sorter. Updates include:

  • improved sorting accuracy for materials with difficult colors and weak contrast, such as dark green circuit boards and black insulated wires
  • analyzes materials in flight over the ColorMask illuminated reference, which is adjustable in color and light intensity
  • the WireHawk software algorithm that is behind the company’s patented wire shape identification technology specifically designed for electronic and automotive scrap applications
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