Recovering fines and ultra-fines from ASR is becoming standard practice for processors seeking to get maximum return from their material.

The challenge, however, has been reclaiming and cleaning these fines to create marketable metal.

General Kinematics has brought a proven processing methodology capable of delivering consistent, reliable, industrial-scale production to the industry.

It’s not a “black-box” whose methodology is unclear. Rather, it’s an engineered industrial solution that’s been used in other processes for decades!

The GK VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill

General Kinematics VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills have been used in a range of applications in the mining and mineral industries. Over several decades of operation, they have proven consistently reliable, offering continual performance and low operating costs.

The mill is used to recover fines and ultra-fines post-Eddy Current and Metal Finder treatment. This material is comingled with glass and stone and its size prevents reclamation using other technologies.

To learn more about the process, or to send your material in for testing to recover your metal fines, contact the experts at GK.

Read the full case study here: ASR Fines Processing.