TMA Bark is the leading processor of quality landscaping materials in England. Today, TMA Bark processes a total of 350,000 cubic meters (455,000 cubic yards) of material per year. At the heart of the system are several FINGER-SCREEN™ units from General Kinematics.

When Graham Andrews, owner of TMA Bark looked to increase capacity and maintain product quality on his operation, he built on his past success. The screening capability of the GK FINGER-SCREEN™ allowed Andrews to find the right marketable product. “The result is that you get what I call a three-dimensional product,” says Andrews. “It’s an incredible piece of equipment.”

“The GK Finger-Screen™ is just brilliant. The equipment is low maintenance and quiet running.” Graham Andrews

Now, he makes his equipment decisions based on over a decade’s worth of bark-processing experience. “We’ll be buying the GK FINGER-SCREEN™ again,” he stated. “It’s just brilliant. The equipment is low maintenance. It is quiet running. We don’t get any environmental issues,” he concludes. TMA Bark purchased an additional three FINGER-SCREEN™ units and feeders during their latest expansion.