Shred-Tech Corp. is a world leader in designing and manufacturing shredding and recycling systems. Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Shred-Tech has manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the world.

The company’s journey began in the late 1970s producing stationary two-shaft shredders for a wide range of manufacturing plant-based applications. By the middle of the next decade, Shred-Tech had developed one of the world’s first shredding trucks, designed to shred confidential office paper and documents on-site.

Through Shred-Tech’s commitment to exceed customer expectations and burning desire to build the best products, the company has been able to achieve continued growth and success. Shred-Tech has been recognized for its achievements as a recipient of a Canadian Business Excellence Award.

Fast forward 40 years, and Shred-Tech now has well over 6,000 shredding and recycling systems installed worldwide and is recognized globally for its first-class products as well as its commitment to engineering, innovation and quality. With shredders in daily use around the world in more than 31 countries, Shred-Tech equipment is helping customers reduce costs, generate revenue and protect the environment. Shred-Tech has been “Thinking Green since Day One.”

Shred-Tech became the exclusive North American distributor for Camec in 2018.

Product line additions

Shred-Tech’s field of expertise includes but is not limited to secure mobile document destruction, cardboard shredding, electronic scrap, white goods, wood waste, plastics, tire shredding, metal recycling, medical waste, construction and demolition debris and green waste.

With growing demand for primary shredders in the industry, Shred-Tech partnered with industry-leading HAAS Recycling Systems of Germany to introduce the Tyron line of primary shredders to the North American market. In slightly more than two years, Shred-Tech has become one of the leading providers of low-speed, high-torque two-shaft primary shredders from HAAS, a company that has been in business for almost 30 years.

Recently, Shred-Tech also has partnered with Camec, a company based out of Cittadella, Italy, focused on designing and manufacturing recycling systems and material handling solutions. Shred-Tech is now the exclusive North American distributor for Camec’s GR / GRR / GS / GL lines of single-shaft shredders and the MG line of granulators.

Camec designs and manufactures turnkey shredding and recycling systems for industrial and municipal waste processing as well as standalone equipment, such as shredders, compactors, granulators and handling machinery. The company’s know-how and continued focus on research and development over the past 25 years ensure an innovative approach to solving the most difficult recycling problems. These applications include all types of plastics including blown films; roto-molded and injection-molded parts and extrusions; rubber products; e-scrap; aluminum scrap; ferrous metals; copper cables; heavy plastics; polypropylene films; wood; paper and cardboard; as well as municipal and industrial waste.

Standard features include shaft bearings mounted outside of the chamber walls to prevent contamination and water jets to cool materials with ultra-low melting points. The unique angle between the cutting blades and counter blades reduces fines and saves energy.

Joe Roberto is the company’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Adding strength

By adding these product lines, Shred-Tech is literally adding strength to strength. With Camec’s 25 years and Haas’ 30 years of experience added to its portfolio that creates a combined 95 years of excellence.

Shred-Tech is recognized for its engineering, quality and innovation, which are the keys to its success. Customer service is at the top of the company’s list, and Shred-Tech is constantly innovating to ensure the highest quality. This is evident through its recent partnerships with Camec and HAAS and represents a new wave in innovation.

Shred-Tech added HAAS primary shredders to its lineup two years ago.

These partnerships allow Shred-Tech and its partners to focus on their core competencies, to invest in continued development and also to promote and support each others’ businesses at the same time.

Shred-Tech’s growth comes from its desire to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The company adjusts its focus to cater to those customers that have some of the most difficult shredding and recycling problems.

Its global view of the market and extensive research have allowed Shred-Tech to position itself at the forefront and become the industry leader. Coupled with a vigorous quality control process, in-house design, manufacturing and global parts and service infrastructure, Shred-Tech has you covered.

Shred-Tech’s commitment to these qualities is what makes it so successful. If your business has a difficult shredding or recycling problem, contact one of Shred-Tech’s sales experts to find a customized solution for any shredding need.