Goudsmit eddy current separator

Goudsmit Magnetics, Waalre, Netherlands, has upgraded its eddy current nonferrous separator. The upgraded separator:

  • features an internet of things module that sends data to a dashboard through the internet, enabling expanded control
  • allows operators to see machine performance graphically and in real-time
  • offers the option of remote assistance from the Goudsmit service team, which is available online to monitor, resolve any malfunctions and perform software updates
  • features a Profinet connection that enables the unit to be integrated into a processing line, so everything works together and can be centrally controlled

Visit www.goudsmitmagnets.com for more information.

BPS air systems

Best Process Solutions Inc. (BPS), Brunswick, Ohio, offers air systems for the recycling industry that address the common challenge of removing light auto shredder residue from heavy material. The air systems:

  • feature components that are designed to work together to yield a cleaner final product
  • include high-efficiency circulating fans, abrasion-resistant ductwork and cyclone shells, high-efficiency cyclone designs and heavy-duty rotor airlocks
  • are customized by BPS application experts to meet customers’ requirements and the scale of their operations

Visit www.bpsvibes.com for more information.

Mecalac AS900tele

France-based Mecalac, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment, has introduced the AS900tele to the North American market. The 8-ton unit can function as a loader or telehandler and features:

  • auxiliary hydraulics of 22.2 gallons per minute to increase its flexibility by allowing it to use a range of attachments
  • Mecalac’s swing design that allows operators to swivel the fully loaded bucket 90 degrees on either side
  • telescoping capabilities that pair reach with power, enabling a lifting height of 15.5 feet and an outreach of 11.5 feet
  • 5,004 pounds of carrying capacity at full extension
  • three steering options—two-wheel, four-wheel and crab

Visit www.mecalac.com/en for more information.