Kice Industries compact filter

Kice Industries, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, has introduced a compact filter to its product line. The new filter:

  • is for direct mounting to bins, drags, legs and other equipment where access or mounting options are limited
  • features an integrated fan and cleaning system that is designed for simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • has a tool-free cartridge replacement feature designed to minimize maintenance and downtime
  • is available in carbon or stainless steel

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Mack Manufacturing mag-grab

Theodore, Alabama-based Mack Manufacturing has introduced a mag-grab to its product line for the scrap-handling industry. The mag-grab combines a four-tine grapple and lifting magnet. The 2-yard model is fitted with a 44-inch lifting magnet, while the 1- and 1.5-yard models feature 40-inch magnets. The mag-grab:

  • includes a brushless spindle below the attachment knuckle, so the tines can rotate independently of the attachment point
  • features reinforcement ribs forged into each of the orange peel’s tines to add strength and rigidity to stand up against heavy loads
  • is made from T1 structural steel with AR400 plate at high-wear areas

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ZenRobotics Fast Picker

ZenRobotics, Helsinki, has announced the latest addition to its line of scrap and waste sorting robots, the ZenRobotics Fast Picker. The Fast Picker:

  • is designed for sorting lightweight material, such as packaging and dry mixed recyclables
  • allows for autonomous picking 24/7
  • can be integrated into side stream, reject recovery lines and quality control after optical sorting
  • sorts an unlimited number of fractions with up to 4,000 picks per hour
  • can handle a maximum object weight of slightly more than 2 pounds and a maximum object size of roughly 16 inches

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Metso Alloy Hammer

Helsinki-based Metso has developed a new hammer series, the Metso Alloy Hammer, that is made with a special alloy designed to extend the lifetime of hammers used in automobile shredders. Customers using these hammers have achieved more uptime and have needed fewer hammers per year, according to the company. Metso Alloy Hammers:

  • are produced by the company’s own foundry
  • are suitable for all of Metso’s Lindemann shredders
  • employ a specific post-treatment process that also helps the hammers maintain their shape longer during operation
  • can result in higher production over their lifetimes

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