Utah awards 5-year electronics recycling contract

Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR), Salt Lake City, has received a five-year contract to provide electronics recycling and secure data destruction services to Utah’s departments, agencies, institutions and political subdivisions.

According to a news release from ATR, it was one of two companies that met the requirements outlined in the request for proposal (RFP). The scoring algorithm placed a high emphasis on cost, making up a total of 835.7 available points, or 30 percent of the overall score. ATR scored 835.7 points in this category, while the other qualifying bidder received 472.4, which converts to nearly double the cost. Selection criteria included logistics and transportation, regulatory compliance, processing and service offerings.

“Of a possible 2,785.7 points for criteria and cost, ATR scored 2,343.5 far exceeding the other qualifying bid of 1,957.4. This is in part due to our processes and nationwide experience with federal government agencies along with defense and aerospace contractors who utilize our GSA contract and ITAR registered services,” says ATR National Business Development Manager Randy Coons.

ATR relocated its Tooele, Utah, plant to a new, updated facility in Salt Lake City. The new facility is part of its expansion to provide improved logistics and material management capabilities throughout the West Coast. ATR also has announced the opening of its ninth location in Las Vegas, which has been approved through this contract to manage materials coming out of southern Utah.