Herbold Meckesheim USA Hot Wash System

Herbold Meckesheim USA, North Smithfield, Rhode Island, offers a turnkey Hot Wash System designed for postindustrial and postconsumer plastics. The wash line:

  • can be integrated in new or existing plastics recycling lines
  • processes polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and various other items, including thermoformed foils, trays and foil used in packaging
  • washes away impurities, labels and adhesives and residues, including lotions, cooking oils and sunscreen
  • produces clean flake with reduced odor and clear color

Visit www.herboldusa.com/products/wash-lines for more information.

AMP Robotics Cortex DRS

Denver-based Amp Robotics has expanded its existing line of high-speed recycling robots with the Amp Cortex dual-robot system (DRS). The Amp Cortex DRS:

  • uses two high-performance robots that sort, pick and place materials a rate of 160 pieces per minute
  • uses computer vision and machine learning to recognize different colors, textures, shapes, sizes and patterns
  • increases the overall quality and purity of reclaimed commodities
  • is designed to drop into existing facilities without requiring a major retrofit or downtime

Visit www.amprobotics.com for more information.

Cumberland S10 Series Screenless Granulator

Wisconsin-based Cumberland offers a new staggered cutter design that produces consistent, clean regrind using less horsepower. The granulator:

  • allows for energy savings, while the hardened steel knives are designed to produce uniform size regrind with minimal dust or longs
  • has a hopper with three windows, offering instant feedback to monitor capacity without shutting down the machine
  • requires minimal maintenance and service, which effectively increases production uptime
  • features a portable design that is ideal for injection molding and small piece extrusion processors

Visit www.cumberlandplastics.com for more information.