Sennebogen 817 Electro Battery material handler

Germany-based Sennebogen has debuted its 817 Electro Battery electric material handler, which it says is “the first freely movable battery-powered” model it has offered in its electric range of products. The 817 Electro Battery model:

  • features dual-power management that ensures the power supply from the grid is used for work movements, while the excess power recharges the batteries
  • includes a charging connection on the undercarriage that allows the machine to swivel while charging
  • automatically detects when the grid connection is disconnected and works autonomously in battery operation with the same performance data
  • saves an average of 70,100 pounds of CO2 per year with an assumed 2,000 operating hours when compared with some diesel-powered counterparts

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Mack Trucks collision warning system

Mack Trucks, Greensboro, North Carolina, has partnered with Attleboro, Massachusetts-based Sensata Technologies to incorporate the PreView multisensory collision warning system on the Mack LR, Mack LR Electric and Mack TerraPro models. The warning system:

  • uses four radar sensors, one on each side of the vehicle
  • detects objects, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, also called “vulnerable road users” or “VRUs,” in a driver’s blind spot
  • sounds an alert and flashes the A-pillar lights when a VRU is detected
  • is optional on the Mack LR, Mack LR Electric and Mack TerraPro models and can be retrofitted on other Mack trucks

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Eriez Dynamic Pulley Separator

Erie, Pennsylvania-based Eriez has launched the Dynamic Pulley Separator to free entrapped steel and weakly magnetic fines from recycled materials. The Dynamic Pulley Separator:

  • uses a rare-earth permanent magnet pulley rotating at an offset speed from the belt to create an agitating magnetic field for improved ferrous recovery or removal
  • helps improve downstream separation and the grade of nonferrous scrap
  • is well-suited for recovering ferrous fines from automobile shredder residue (ASR) and waste-to-energy bottom ash
  • can be used with weaker magnetic drums to recover ferrous nuggets from the ASR stream
  • is available in 40-inch and 60-inch widths and can be accommodated for base or suspended mounting ahead of an eddy current separator

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