It’s time to toot the recycling horn

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A presentation and reception that followed at the ISRI2018 Convention, held in Las Vegas in mid-April, explored ways the recycling industry could forge connections with the entertainment industry to broadcast critical recycling messages to the wider public.

At the MusicRecycle session, Boston-based Berklee College of Music graduate Kanika Patawari showed video clips and offered ideas on how the two industries could work together to boost recycling best practices and the volume of materials recycled. Patawari—daughter of Surendra Patawari Borad, chair of Belgium-based recycling firm Gemini Corp.—invited attendees to “gather star power” to create short films or YouTube clips to promote recycling.

Patawari referred to the ISRI2018 MusicRecycle session as “the first step through the door” in making such connections happen. “Making recycling cool is in everyone’s best interest,” she said.

Those who wish to connect with the MusicRecycle project or who want more information can contact ISRI staff member Bob Ensinger at

Straw swap

Photos: Tetra Pak

Suck on this: Switzerland-based Tetra Pak has announced its plans to develop a paper straw that is suitable for its portion-sized carton packages before the end of 2018. The company says the move is part of a broader program to help address the issue of plastic straw waste.

Straws play an integral functional role on portion packages, Tetra Pak says, but if not properly disposed of, they then become part of the plastic waste problem. Tetra Pak says work is underway to develop a paper straw that is suitable for use on its portion-size carton packages.

The company says paper straws would be another step toward its long-term goal of offering a completely renewable portfolio.

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