Tim Thibodeaux takes pride in his scrap handling equipment, and it shows.

He and his dad, Louis, started taking on large demolition and scrap recovery projects on the Gulf Coast in 1983. Ten years ago, when Louis retired from Thibodeaux & Son Scrapyard, which is based in New Iberia, Louisiana, Thibodeaux stepped up to manage the business, but he’s still a mechanic at heart.

“We run a tight shop,” Thibodeaux says.

Since his days servicing the fleet, Thibodeaux has enforced a strong maintenance program that includes daily checks, scheduled maintenance and regular oil sampling.

Thibodeaux’s focus on maintenance is reflected in his choice of scrap handlers, too. A number of green Sennebogen machines perform a full range of duties at the Thibodeaux & Son yard and beyond. Sennebogen has been his scrap handler brand of choice for years, and his company’s original 835 M still looks and runs like new, Thibodeaux says.

Ease of maintenance

The 830 M-HD-S owned by Thibodeaux & Son Scrapyard, New Iberia, Louisiana, is making an impression throughout the state.

“I like the maintainability of Sennebogen equipment,” Thibodeaux says. “Access to the engine and the working parts is excellent. And our dealer, Lyle Machinery, provides excellent technical support for any troubleshooting.”

Lyle Machinery, headquartered in Richland, Mississippi, is a diversified equipment dealer serving the southeastern United States. The company specializes in heavy construction, energy, compact construction, asphalt, ports, scrap, material handling and forestry. Lyle Machinery has additional locations in Mississippi as well as in Alabama and Florida.

As with the scrap handlers’ ease of maintenance, the safety features that are built into the machines are important to Thibodeaux’s operations. “Much of the work around the port here is related to offshore oil rigs, which generates a large amount of scrap iron,” Thibodeaux says. “Our job is similar to a demolition contractor, taking down jackets and decks up to 120 feet tall. I’d say that’s our specialty. It can be dangerous work, so we take a lot of pride in working safely to meet the needs of our customers.”

A rolling advertisement

Thibodeaux has another motive for ensuring that his fleet is safe and well-maintained: It can build business. At the 2017 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Convention & Exhibition in New Orleans, Sennebogen displayed the new 830 M-HD-S that Thibodeaux had just purchased, showing off the Thibodeaux & Son Scrapyard logo. Now, that same machine is making an impression all over the port region of New Iberia.

The company’s scrap handlers are busy unloading trucks, feeding the yard’s shear and loading barges with 1,400 tons in one day. “It used to take up to four days to load a barge of that size; but, with our Sennebogen, we load it and get it on its way in a day, and then it goes on to doing something else,” Thibodeaux says. “It certainly has improved the productivity, equipment utilization and efficiency of our yard.”

Thibodeaux sends the new 830 M-HD-S out to load and sort material for his off-site projects too. “The appearance of the 830 green machine makes a good impression on customers, off-site,” he says. “They see we have reliable equipment; that we can move in, do the job and get out fast. No muss, no fuss, no downtime.”

But the 830 does more than put a pretty face on the firm. Even with its large tires, the 90,389-pound machine powers itself to and from job sites in the area. Its tires allow the machine to work on soft and uneven site conditions. Thibodeaux’s 830 also is configured with a long-reach boom to take on large lifts and to pick through large, tall structures.

To keep up his fleet’s great appearance, Thibodeaux will send his company’s technicians to Stanley, North Carolina, Sennebogen’s North American headquarters later this year for advanced instruction at the Sennebogen Training Center.

“We like to be self-sufficient,” Thibodeaux says. “It keeps us ahead of everyone else. We take care of the machines, and they take care of us.”

This article was submitted by London, Ontario-based Marketing Strategies & Solutions on behalf of Sennebogen LLC, Stanley, North Carolina. More information on Sennebogen LLC is available online at www.sennebogen-na.com.