“Our single-ram open-end G-Baler has the ability to run double wire, which is a huge benefit when running plastics.” – Fred Moran, managing partner, Duffy Box & Recycling

Duffy Box & Recycling, based in Taneytown, Maryland, recycles a range of secondary commodities for industrial and commercial customers throughout the Eastern United States. As it handles items including old corrugated containers (OCC), discarded cores, office paper, wood crating and several types of metal and plastic scrap, it needs adequate baling capacity to keep up with the inflow.

Fred Moran, a managing partner with Duffy Box & Recycling, credits Chino Hills, California-based Unlimited Recycling Resources LLC (URR) for having provided the right baling equipment to keep Duffy’s recycling operations running quickly and smoothly.

Duffy currently operates four machines provided by URR, including two horizontal manual-tie balers, one horizontal single-ram auto-tie baler and one two-ram auto-tie baler. Moran describes Duffy as a “full service-industrial recycler” that runs its balers one shift per day. (He says Duffy also has a “niche business of giving a second life to cardboard boxes.”)

With large OCC boxes being among the items frequently handled by Duffy, Moran says of his URR horizontal G-Balers, “Having one of the largest hoppers made has worked well for our operation’s throughput.”

Moran says the G-balers have helped dramatically reduce downtime in other ways. “The de-blocker has worked well to keep our downtime to a minimum from jam-ups,” he comments, another factor pertinent to OCC baling.

The URR horizontal G-balers operated by Duffy also have been critical in improving its plastic scrap processing operations, says Moran. “Our single-ram open-end G-Baler has the ability to run double wire, which is a huge benefit when running plastics,” he comments. “The sliding lid option on our two-ram G-Baler is a nice feature for running plastics as well,” adds Moran.

Thanks to both the design of the G-Balers and the commitment of URR’s staff, Moran anticipates a long tenure for his machines. “Having the rams running on rollers is a great feature for the smooth running and long life of the machine,” he says of the design. Regarding his experiences with URR, Moran says when he’s had questions the company “took a hands-on approach and resolved all issues.” He adds, “URR has been very supportive during and after installation.”

With an expanding installation base of satisfied customers, URR Co-Founder Dan Gregory says he and his colleagues are anxious to show the company’s product line in action to potential customers. “We know recyclers want to see prospective solutions in action, and we’re happy to show off what G-Balers are accomplishing,” he states.

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