WestRock receives SPC Innovator Award

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), Charlottesville, Virginia, has honored WestRock Co., Atlanta, with its Innovator Award in the area of innovation in recovery for the company’s work in improving the recyclability of food- service packaging.

The SPC recognizes advancements in sustainable packaging annually through its SPC Innovator Awards.

WestRock’s efforts to increase the recyclability of food-service packaging include proving there would be no disruption to its operations with the addition of polycoated food-service packaging. The company currently accepts food-service packaging at its 100 percent recycled paperboard mills in the United States.

WestRock also has developed a recyclable and compostable paperboard cup prototype designed to hold hot and cold beverages under a variety of conditions. The prototype recently was named one of 12 winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge, managed by Closed Loop Partners, New York City.

“A large portion of paper-based food-service packages are discarded in the U.S. each year as historically this packaging has not been widely accepted in recycling programs,” says Patrick Lindner, president of WestRock’s consumer packaging business. “WestRock’s acceptance of food-service packaging at its mills, as well as our research and development work on new, more recyclable and compostable packaging designs, exemplifies our commitment to finding ways to make packaging more sustainable,” he adds.

Cascades launches tissue products made with recycled fiber

Cascades Inc., Kingsey Falls, Quebec, has launched its Latte Collection, which is manufactured from a combination of white recycled fiber and cardboard. The new collection is available within the Cascades Pro Select and Cascades Pro Perform collections of paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue.

According to a news release from Cascades, demand for virgin pulp is increasing and is not expected to slow down before 2021. Combined with a shortage of good quality sources of recycled fibers, these market conditions have resulted in high price increases for customers looking for white paper products.

“Thanks to the concerted efforts of our research and development and innovation teams, Cascades has developed its new Latte Collection, a solution that makes it possible to counter the impact of raw material price increases without compromising on the quality and ecological attributes of our products,” says Jean-David Tardif, president and chief operating officer of Cascades Tissue Group. “This new product line is not only a green solution but also provides our customers a cost-effective offering that will meet their paper towels and tissue needs.”