Machinex MACH Hyspec optical sorter

Plessisville, Quebec-based Machinex says the new ergonomic design of its MACH Hyspec optical sorter, which it introduced in 2015, provides increased ease of access for maintenance and cleaning, reducing the time needed for those tasks by 50 percent. The new design features:

  • a built-in platform allowing an upright working position
  • a mechanism to easily retract the air tunnel
  • pivoting lighting system and ejection nozzles bar
  • an internal guard rail system for increased safety

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Sweed 5503 XHD scrap chopper

Sweed Machinery Inc., Gold Hill, Oregon, says its scrap chopper was designed to meet the needs of operations that generate high volumes of linear scrap materials without the need for serious maintenance. The 5503 XHD scrap chopper features:

  • a fast and efficient feed rate
  • an air-actuated feedworks for operator safety
  • heavy steel plate construction
  • a magnetic starter to protect workers from unexpected restart after power loss

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Sebright BaleWulf baler

Sebright Products Inc., headquartered in Hopkins, Michigan, says its new line of BaleWulf balers, available in 30- and 50-horsepower models, ensures safety and allows operators to feed and tie off wires from one location. The balers feature:

  • vertical interlocking doors and through-the-door wire feed systems for safety
  • an optional pneumatic cleanout system
  • an integrated piercer design that guides wire through, allowing for quick bale tie off
  • a progressive shear made from T1 tool steel that allows blades to keep cutting edges longer

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