NRT ColorPlus-R sorter

National Recovery Technologies (NRT), Nashville, Tennessee, has added the ColorPlus-R to the company’s product offering. The ColorPlus-R is:

  • similar to the ColorPlus, using an image processing system to detect materials based on color analysis and object recognition
  • has the ability to color analyze opaque objects, such as black plastics
  • employs transmissive detection, placing the material between the light source and the detection camera
  • equipped with LED lighting
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Fairbanks Scales Portable Axle Load Scale

Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, released the Portable Axle Load Scale (PALS), designed to be a cost-effective weighing solution when application requirements don’t exceed accurate, non-commercial vehicle axle weights. The company’s PALS:

  • eliminates the need for a pier or slab foundation
  • is constructed in a subframe, requiring only a flat, unyielding surface to install and complete the unit
  • can be installed on concrete or asphalt already in place
  • operates in a wide range of applications, from moving and shipping to light manufacturing
  • has an ultra-low 6-inch profile
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ScrapWare Corp. ScrapQuest

Rockville, Maryland-based ScrapWare Corp., the developer of ScrapWare software for the recycling industry, has announced a new fleet management tool known as ScrapQuest that can be integrated with RouteSmart’s Routing as a Service application. It is:

  • designed to help reduce average travel distance, route planning time and dispatcher hours and to quickly solve complex routing and dispatch problems
  • intended to help recycling companies run their truck fleets more efficiently and reduce operational costs
  • developed in conjunction with strategic partner RouteSmart, Columbia, Maryland
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Columbus McKinnon Tornado 360° hoist

Columbus McKinnon Corp., Getzville, New York, a designer and manufacturer of material handling equipment, has introduced the CM Tornado 360°, which features the Sidewinder lever handle. The CM Tornado 360°:

  • is designed for increased safety
  • reduces repetitive wrist action, letting the operator use a 360-degree range of motion to work up to 12 times faster
  • features a 360-degree rotating lever and a fold-out revolving handle
  • is available outside North America under the Yale brand as the Yale Ergo 360° ratchet lever hoist
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