CASE B Series loaders

CASE Construction Equipment, Racine, Wisconsin, has introduced its B Series of compact track loaders (CTLs) and skid-steer loaders, spanning radial and vertical lift patterns. The company offers standard mechanical, mechanical hand-and-foot and electro-hydraulic controlled models of these machines. The loaders:

  • feature a redesigned interface, including new left- and right-hand posts with simple ignition, push-button operation, easy throttle control and intuitive switches
  • offer 360-degree visibility that is enhanced by a backup camera as well as a cab-wide rearview mirror
  • feature low-profile rear hoods, large side windows and large rear windows to further improve visibility
  • have a low-entry threshold built into each machine to enable the operator to enter and exit easily

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Herbold’s SMS Series granulators

Smithfield, Rhode Island-based Herbold Meckesheim USA has released its SMS Series granulators. The company has eight models available with throughputs ranging from 440 pounds per hour to 17,600 pounds per hour. The granulators:

  • are designed for challenging applications that require high throughput
  • come standard with a removable deflection wedge
  • feature rotor and bed knives mounted at opposing angles to ensure a uniform cutting gap across the length of the knife
  • come with an optional complete wear protection package for processing abrasive materials

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Best Process Solutions Inc. metered batch feeders

Best Process Solutions Inc. (BPS), Brunswick, Ohio, offers metered batch feeders. The BPS feeders range from 5 to 20 cubic yards in capacity. The feeders:

  • convey auto shredder residue (ASR) and nonferrous metals at a rate of 45 tons per hour at a 50 percent downslope
  • come with variable speed control to allow for a consistent flow of materials to meet bulk processing and conveying requirements
  • feature a loading hopper that has 16 cubic yards of capacity and includes a 44.5-inch hexagon rotating drum to assist in leveling and metering of material in the feeder pan
  • drum support frame adjusts
  • tray measures 48 inches wide by 242 inches long
  • are ideal for applications where materials need to be conveyed with an even flow of distribution

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