Bunting Stainless Steel Separation Conveyors

Newton, Kansas-based Bunting Magnetics Co. has added a 12-inch Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor (SSSC) to its line for the auto shredder residue (ASR) sector. The new model:

  • has been designed for the separation of work-hardened stainless steel, as well as for the purification of zurik fractions and in wire-chopping applications
  • can separate and hold onto as much as 94 percent of stainless steel, according to Bunting
  • conforms better to larger irregular shredded stainless steel, giving it a better chance to hold onto and recover these pieces

Visit https://buntingmagnetics.com for more information.

Spectro Spectrotest mobile metal analyzer

Kleve, Germany-based Spectro Analytical Instruments has announced an upgrade to its Spectrotest arc/spark mobile metal analyzer for applications in the metal producing, processing and recycling industries. The Spectrotest mobile spectrometer:

  • has been designed to deliver results when an exact metal analysis is required, materials are difficult to identify or a large number of samples are to be tested
  • introduces a readout system that is a prerequisite for the debut of iCAL 2.0, an enhancement of its proprietary iCAL calibration logic system
  • allows users to perform a single-sample standardization (in less than five minutes) at the start of the day’s testing

Visit www.spectro.com/products/mobile-metal-analyzer/spectrotest-spectrometer for more information.

Fairbanks Scales FB2558 weighing instrument

Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, has released what it says is the “new and improved” FB2550 instrument, the FB2558. The unit:

  • can have up to five instruments networked, sharing transactional data and traffic light controls from up to eight scale platforms
  • features an integrated web utility that gives technicians access to all menu options, including calibration, with a web-accessible interface
  • allows users to automatically email transactional data or trouble codes

Visit www.fairbanks.com for more information.

Vecoplan PT Shred Truck Series

Vecoplan has unveiled a package of performance advancements on its Pierce & Tear (PT) series of Shred Trucks at NAID 2018. The culmination of three years of intensive R&D, all improvements were in direct response to customer input and have been incorporated as standards on shred trucks in the PT series, the company says. Features and benefits in the performance package include:

  • increased payload capacity and throughput
  • a three-camera monitoring system
  • an upgraded Freightliner M2 chassis
  • the introduction of a three-year warranty

Visit www.vecoplanllc.com for more information.

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