Steinert Chutec chute sorter

Cologne, Germany-based Steinert GmbH has introduced its Chutec chute sorter. It recovers and sorts nonferrous metals from shredder scrap and incinerator bottom ash using X-ray fluorescence and 3D detection technology. The Chutec:

  • primarily handles materials with smaller grain sizes of 5 millimeters
  • separates nonferrous heavy metals, such as copper, zinc, brass or stainless steel
  • is available in 39-inch or 55-inch working widths
  • offers an optional pretreatment of dusty material that uses air separation

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3TEK Bravo 6280 scrap shredder

The Bravo 6280 is the latest in Grand Prairie, Texas-based 3Tek’s lineup of mobile and stationary hammer mills and downstream sorting systems. The mobile shredder:

  • can process up to 3,000 tons per month
  • is aimed at companies that want to expand existing scrap milling operations
  • is powered by a 1,125-horsepower Caterpillar C32 diesel engine
  • can produce 15 to 20 tons of ferrous output per hour
  • features 240-pound hammers on a 315,000-pound single chassis

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Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6 shredder 

Velbert, Germany-based Doppstadt has introduced the Inventhor Type 6 model to its slow-speed shredder line. It is in line with the company’s “Smart Solutions” concept: mobile, modular machines that can be used cost-effectively and flexibly in a variety of applications. According to Doppstadt, the Inventhor:

  • is the successor to the company’s DW 3060
  • has been optimized for economic efficiency, ease of use, good accessibility and minimized downtime
  • features the VarioDirect Drive that combines high throughput, low fuel consumption and optimum startup performance even with difficult shredding jobs
  • is equipped with easy-to-replace teeth that are available in medium and large sizes, including limiters
  • can be combined with the Selector 800 with a SWS 800 spiral shaft screening deck to allow for generating finished product

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