Refills not landfills

Zero waste is the trend, and the University of California, Berkeley, has teamed up with Brita to strive toward this goal. The 10-year, $4 million partnership, an extension of the campus’ “Refills not Landfills” program, aims to achieve zero waste for the university by 2020 and to encourage students and the campus community to drink from reusable containers.

Brita will provide the campus with complimentary Brita products, such as reusable bottles, as well as with significant sponsorships to campus groups that support the campus’ sustainability goals and champion healthy living. Brita products also will be sold at a variety of campus outlets.

The partnership kicked off with the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Shredding records

At a recent shred day event, the San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) in California not only collected nearly 600,000 pounds of paper for recycling, the group also set a Guinness World Record. This broke SDCCU’s 2014 record of more than 400,000 pounds of paper.

More than 12,000 people showed up to SDCCU’s Super Shred Event in July at Qualcomm Stadium to set the new record for the most paper collected in a 24-hour period at a single location.

Oakville, Ontario-based Shred-it, a leading document destruction and recycling company, provided shredding services, including 70 trucks on-site, for the San Diego event.

Targeted recycling

The Recycling Partnership, Falls Church, Virginia, aims to make recycling easier for all Americans, and thanks to the recent addition of Target Corp., the nonprofit’s members now represent the entire recycling system. As its first retail company member, Target, headquartered in Minneapolis, joins The Recycling Partnership members that are part of the consumer packaging supply chain, including manufacturers, brands and the recycling industry.

Using private funding from companies like Target, The Recycling Partnership says it brings grants, tools and specialized marketing and operations expertise to help underperforming programs transform into top performers.

Target serves guests at 1,888 stores—1,797 in the United States and 124 in Canada—and at

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