Brilex Industries acquires US Shredder

Brilex Industries Inc., Youngstown, Ohio, has announced the acquisition of the U.S. Shredder product line of parts and equipment.

According to a Brilex news release, U.S. Shredder has been a supplier in the automobile shredding and scrap metal recycling industry for more than a decade, with a focus on providing customer consultation support and high-value equipment, parts, castings, wear parts, service and installation to the scrap metal recycling industry throughout the world.

Brilex Industries specializes in engineering, fabricating, machining, assembly and equipment rebuilding. Over the years, Brilex has engineered and manufactured most of the U.S. Shredder equipment. With its knowledge of this equipment, Brilex says it looks to deliver significant value to the recycling industry worldwide.  

“The experience Brilex Industries brings in machine design and manufacturing, combined with U.S. Shredders’ expertise in scrap metal processing, creates a very strong synergy that customers will directly benefit from,” says Steve Davinsizer, president of Brilex Industries.

Bill Tigner, former president of U.S. Shredder and Castings Group, will join Brilex Industries as director of U.S. Shredder products. Tigner has almost 30 years of industry experience in the scrap metal recycling industry.  

“The manufacturing, engineering, castings, parts support and financial strength of the Brilex Group will deliver a valuable presence in the marketplace,” Tigner adds.

Brilex Industries, a member of The Brilex Group of Cos., says it has become one of Youngstown’s fastest growing, aggressive companies, having established itself as a worldwide source for fabricating, machining, rebuilding and complete assembly. Brilex Industries says its experienced and knowledgeable team is committed to achieving excellence by becoming a preferred full-service supplier to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users in the metals, rubber, plastics, power generation, wood, scrap recycling and other capital equipment industries.

SGM Magnetics, Best Process Solutions form partnership

Best Process Solutions (BPS), Brunswick, Ohio, and SGM Magnetics, which is headquartered in Italy with a North American office in Bradenton, Florida, have entered into an exclusive licensee agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, SGM receives the exclusive license to promote the BPS RecoverMax Process in North America.

The proprietary BPS RecoverMax Process is designed to recover and optimize the purity of metal fines from auto shredder residue.

These two corporations have experience in providing metal recovery solutions, and this collaboration will allow metal recycling operators to benefit from their combined expertise, the partners say. 

Andritz supplies equipment to recycling company in Slovakia

Austria-based equipment company Andritz says it has received an order from Slovakia-based metals recycling company Saker to supply a Universal Rotary Shear UC and a Universal Granulator UG for the company's plant in Zilina, Slovakia.

Startup of the new equipment is scheduled to take place before the end of 2018. The shear will preshred larger input material that can then be further reduced in the second step performed by the Universal Granulator.

Saker will use the shear and the granualtor to process aluminum composites, such as frames, profiles and trays, as well as to shred transformers and cable scrap to separate aluminum and copper from the plastic sheathing. Andritz says the recovered output material will be pure aluminum, copper and steel.

The combined shredders will provide a maximum throughput of about 4 tons per hour, according to Andritz.

CP Group releases anti-wrap screen

CP Group, San Diego, has announced the release of the CP Anti-Wrap Screen for material recovery facilities (MRFs). The company says the screen separates newsprint and large fiber from material streams by using high-amplitude elliptical discs to agitate material.  

“With more flex-packaging and film showing up in the material stream, wrapping is a serious concern for many MRF operators,” says Terry Schneider, president and CEO of CP Group.

“The CP Anti-Wrap Screen uses high-agitation discs and extra-large rotor shafts to mitigate wrapping,” he continues. “The rubberized discs run with a nonpinching motion that eliminates jamming. These features allow it to run at peak performance throughout a shift—no unscheduled maintenance breaks due to wrapping or jamming.”

CP Group says it has installed the screen in several MRFs and plans to incorporate it into MRF designs in the future.

Steinert takes part in Rhine River cleanup

Several employees of Cologne, Germany-based equipment maker Steinert GmbH have participated in a Rhine River litter cleanup campaign in the company’s hometown.

Volunteers spent part of a Saturday in mid-September picking up “packaging waste, various plastics, discarded plastic ice cream spoons, lots of glass, [bottle] caps and cigarette stubs” lying near the shore of the river. The company says some of this litter may ultimately have flowed to the ocean, contributing to a global pollution problem.

The time donated by the Steinert employees was part of a larger effort Sept. 15 that involved volunteers in four countries and 50 cities who helped clean up the Rhine River valley along some 1,234 kilometers (766 miles) of its length.

“When we heard about the action in Cologne, we immediately felt addressed and [we] participated,” says Andreas Jäger, global sales director of the waste division at Steinert. “Waste belongs on our sorting machines and then back into the recycling cycle—but not in the oceans.”

Steinert says it has supplied hundreds of sorting systems to processing plants worldwide, making it a leader in discarded materials sorting.

“Before the secondary raw materials can be reused, they must be separated according to type. This is what we are committed to with our technologies of magnetic and sensor-based sorting,” Jäger says.

The campaign was a heartfelt matter for the Steinert employees, Jäger says, adding that “anyone who has experienced the extent of careless waste disposal up close will be sensitized to [the role of] responsible waste management.”