Eldan Super Chopper

Eldan Recycling, Faaborg, Denmark, has updated its Super Chopper by adding a frequency drive that is designed to offer lower power consumption and a lower price than previous models. The chopper:

  • prechops materials such as tires without prior debeading
  • features a frequency drive that is designed to reduce power consumption
  • reduces energy consumption by 50 percent to 60 percent
  • is available in frequency and hydraulic drives, as a single or twin rotor and in a heavy-duty version

Visit www.eldan-recycling.com for more information.

FIMIC ERA melt filter

Fimic, Carmignano di Brenta, Italy, has introduced the ERA, a self-cleaning double-screen melt filter designed to provide fine filtration for highly contaminated recycled plastic, including blown film, high-quality sheet and similar applications. The filter:

  • consists of two screens in two separate filtration chambers
  • features two independent discharge points in a single machine
  • uses a punched screen to filter out large and more aggressive contaminants
  • uses a laser-drilled screen to remove the smaller contaminants

Visit www.fimic.it/en for more information.

Jonsered 1250RZ recycling crane

Hiab, part of Helsinki-based Cargotec, offers a new line of Jonsered recycling cranes that have been designed to endure the tough load cycles experienced in heavy-duty recycling applications, such as handling scrap metal and building debris. The 1250RZ consists of a lightweight, compact design with a shorter boom. The crane:

  • can be combined with the Multilift hook lift to form a remote-controlled unit for easy and efficient material handling
  • features one of two new safety systems, Safety+R and Safety+RS
  • can be configured for a variable pump hydraulic system that prolongs hydraulic oil life and reduces fuel consumption

Visit www.hiab.com/en/jonsered for more information.

Steinert LSS Line Sorting System with LIBS technology

Steinert, Cologne, Germany, says its LSS line sorting system enables the separation of multiple aluminum alloys from presorted aluminum scrap with a single detection using a LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) sensor. The machine:

  • sorts multiple products in a single run
  • features compressed air valves that direct materials into different containers
  • offers real-time analysis of multiple elements

Visit https://steinertglobal.com/us for more information.