For more than 20 years, Global Commercial Credit (GCC) and ProfitGuard (PG), headquartered in Bingham Farms, Michigan, with several locations across the U.S., have specialized in offering credit insurance and credit reporting services with unparalleled support to the scrap metal recycling industry.

GCC offers credit insurance solutions, working on a direct basis with all insurers. They are the only credit insurance broker that has invested significantly in client support infrastructure with dedicated customer service representatives, a claims and recovery manager and financial analysts who all work in tandem along with experienced agents to help meet clients’ credit protection requirements. Craig Bonnell, president and managing partner at GCC, says, “Customer service is in our DNA. There is no credit insurance provider that matches the level of service provided by GCC and who knows the metals industry as well as we do.”

Left to right: Jason Dworin, VP Director ProfitGuard; Victor Sandy, Executive Vice President; Craig Bonnell, President; and David Gibson, Chief Operating Officer

One of the big challenges in the metals industry with regard to credit is navigating all the complexities as it relates to fluctuating commodity prices and how best to structure and manage credit management tools. Daryl Coleman, vice president, corporate credit manager at Metal Exchange Corp., says, “We’ve been with GCC and PG for over 10 years. We have multiple credit insurance policies in place with various companies. GCC is a strategic business partner that assists us in negotiating and facilitating all of those policies, which is a huge benefit. I think they have a really creative approach to solving problems. They look out for our best interests and our bottom line, and they are extremely valuable to our company.”

PG is also unique in that its team of financial analysts gathers proprietary credit information, financial data and provides expert guidance on setting credit limits and helping clients monitor their larger and more at-risk customers on an ongoing basis and the only credit reporting service exclusive to the metals industry.

“We have witnessed many situations where other credit reporting services were recommending large credit limits days before a company filed bankruptcy. The main issue is they don’t employ financial analysts or understand the nuances of the metals industry; they make credit recommendations based on an algorithm,” adds Jason Dworin, VP director of PG. “PG often warns its clients months in advance on increasing risk.”

The two companies offer a team approach to help clients proactively manage credit risk to avoid losses. They have active working relationships with most of the top processors and brokers in the scrap recycling industry. “GCC is the largest specialty broker of credit insurance in the scrap metal industry, and PG is the only credit reporting and risk monitoring service exclusive to the industry,” says Victor Sandy, EVP and managing partner of GCC.

“Approximately 70 percent of GCC metals clients also use PG, including most of the large credit insurance carriers, who find tremendous value in the service,” adds David Gibson, COO of GCC and PG.

Both GCC and PG also help clients get paid in many difficult past-due situations, helping to bring in the cash and avoid a claim filing.

GCC really leverages its investments in infrastructure and culture of putting the client first to make sure its team is available during good times and during a downturn when their clients need expert guidance the most. Having a sounding board during times of uncertainty is invaluable, especially when you don’t have a formal credit department.

“For at least 20 years, we’ve insured our accounts receivable with GCC and used PG to monitor risk. They have been fantastic. The price of the service is minimal for the benefit you get, so it’s worth every penny,” says Joanie Streicher, CFO, Ferrous Processing & Trading Co.

If you currently invest in credit insurance, are interested in learning more about credit insurance, or how a credit reporting service can help you manage credit risk, you should speak with the industry leaders who have the proven history of delivering cost-effective credit support. Contact GCC at 877-422-7475 and PG at 866-990-1099 or visit and