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China issues Q4 import quotas for scrap metals

The Chinese government has issued scrap metal import quotas that approve about 70,000 metric tons of copper, aluminum and ferrous scrap for the remainder of 2019. According to a report from Argus Media, the additional quotas issued by China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management are for a combined 66,368 metric tons of copper, aluminum and ferrous scrap for delivery to ports in south and southeast China.

The extra quota for copper scrap, which is under harmonized tariff code 7404000090, is 31,658 metric tons. The quota for aluminum scrap, which is under tariff code 7602000090, is 32,940 metric tons, and the quota for ferrous scrap is 1,770 metric tons, according to Argus Media. The copper scrap quota is for delivery to China’s Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanhai, Nansha and Xinhui ports, while the aluminum scrap quota is for the Ningbo, Nanhai and Nansha ports.

Argus Media reports that a total of 484,217 metric tons of copper scrap imports have been approved to date this year, with aluminum at 405,416 metric tons and ferrous at 22,688 metric tons. The import quota for copper scrap is below the volume imported in the third quarter of 2018, but the aluminum scrap quota is above the third-quarter figure from 2018, the news outlet reports.


Northern Metal Recycling shuts down Minneapolis shredder

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) says it has reached a settlement agreement with Northern Metal Recycling (NMR), with business offices in Minneapolis. The company is an operating division of Great Britain-based EMR. 

The settlement pertains to NMR’s errors in reporting emissions records for its automobile shredder at 2800 Pacific St. N. in Minneapolis. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, NMR admitted it submitted inaccurate emissions records to the MPCA for its auto shredder, which it shut down Sept. 23.

The MPCA can reopen NMR’s permit for its new Becker, Minnesota, auto shredding facility to incorporate additional monitors and reports for its pollution control equipment. 

The company also had to pay a $200,000 civil penalty, the MPCA says. 

NMR did not respond to a request for comment.