Mantsinen 140 material handler

Finland-based Mantsinen has introduced its new material handling machine, the Mantsinen 140. The machine:

  • is the first port machine of its size with turning wheels, which enables sideways movement and efficient use in limited space
  • is designed to be used at ports in loading and unloading ships but also can be used in pulp and steel mills in feeding operations
  • features a HybriLift system for improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs
  • transfers data, including handled tons, hydraulic pressures, temperatures and electronic service follow-up, to a cloud service

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Erema Intarema TVEplus RegrindPro extrusion system

Erema, Austria, has introduced its Intarema TVEplus RegrindPro extrusion system to process hard-to-recycle plastic film into a high- quality, food-grade end product. The system features:

  • enhanced material intake, greater flexibility and higher throughput rates
  • optimized triple degassing to ensure highly effective degassing of the filtered melt
  • reduced shearing before the filter to improve filter performance

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Hitachi ZW180-6 wheel loader

Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America, Newnan, Georgia, has updated its Dash-6 lineup with the ZW180-6. The wheel loader features:

  • a new Power Mode switch that produces faster acceleration and boosts hydraulic flow to allow quicker bucket lifts for faster cycle time
  • an automatic power-up function, which increases engine rpm anytime the loader slows down because it is traveling uphill
  • smart technology, including ride control and telematics
  • a parallel/tandem hydraulic circuit that makes load lifting and dumping more efficient

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