About once a quarter, we “show off” one of our customer installations in a profile like this. We enjoy having our customers share why they buy American Baler balers!

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary building and innovating the best balers for recycling, we wanted to share some of the reasons that make American Baler so sought-after. We specialize in high-volume balers for recycling, warehouse/distribution, corrugated and converting and document destruction.

“To march forward for 75 years, delivering continuous improvement and innovation, you cannot do that without good people,” says American Baler President David Kowaleski, who has been with the company for 43 years.

“We have really great people in key positions,” Kowaleski says. “Our head structural engineer has 30 years on the job. Two of our electrical engineers each have 20 years on the job. All these folks are aggressive about improving our products.”

“We have a good mix of highly skilled workers in the plant and utilize as much automation as possible,” says Nathan Kuhl, VP of Production at American Baler. “Keeping up with demand can be a challenge, but we like to think we can handle all that sales can throw at us.”

“Innovation has always been an integral part of American Baler,” says Jim Wolfe, VP of Engineering & Customer Service at American Baler. “We were the first to build an automatic-tie recycling baler. We pioneered the wide-body auto-tie to eliminate shredders while baling bulky cardboard and advanced that concept further with our DC and WS balers for setup and flattened boxes, respectively.”

“To march forward for 75 years, delivering continuous improvement and innovation, you cannot do that without good people.” – David Kowaleski, American Baler President

Wolfe continues, “In large recycling balers, our 8043 series still stands in a class alone, while our two-ram balers offer unique layers of innovation. Our machines produce up to 30 tons per hour.”

“We sell to some of the hottest companies on Wall Street but also to many firms on Main Street,” says Mike Schwinn, Sales Manager at American Baler. “Our install base goes from coast to coast in the U.S., but we have machines worldwide as well.”

“American Baler has 19 distribution partners,” Kowaleski says. “If your company needs to expand production, lower operating costs or increase efficiency, we make a baler for you.”