Tomra InnoSort Flake

The Tomra Sorting Recycling division of Norway-based Tomra Group has introduced the InnoSort Flake optical sorter that is capable of sorting polyolefins (PO), such as polyethylene and polypropylene. The InnoSort Flake:

  • can be combined with the company’s Autosort optical sorter, which acts as a presorter
  • features a total width of 78.7 inches, or 2 meters, up from the previously available 39.4- and 59.1-inch (1- and 1.5-meter) widths
  • uses Tomra’s near-infrared (NIR) Flying Beam technology that has a PO-specific sensor and dual full-color front and rear camera technology designed to deliver higher throughput
  • sorts flakes as small as 0.079 inches, or2 millimeters, by material and color

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21st Century Programming ROM Infinite Dispatch

Long Beach, California-based 21st Century Programming has launched ROM Infinite Dispatch, the first product in the ROM Infinite suite of solutions for the recycling and waste industries. ROM Infinite Dispatch:

  • monitors dispatches, drivers, equipment and customer activity
  • features dispatch planning, real-time views of the dispatching operation at multiple levels and smart alerts
  • includes a built-in communications feature for dispatchers and drivers as well as customers
  • integrates new ROM Smart Asset-Tracking devices that were specifically designed for the recycling and waste industries
  • has an underlying hybrid-cloud platform that requires no customer management and provides instant cloud backup and synchronization and end-to-end encryption as well as optional on-premises servers

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SSI Pri-Max primary reducers

SSI Shredding Systems Inc., headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, has updated its Pri-Max primary reducer shredder line to include new technologies and features designed to decrease maintenance costs and improve ease of use. The Pri-Max:

  • reduces the volume of bulky materials while achieving processing rates of up to 150 tons per hour
  • can be used as a stand-alone machine or incorporated into a processing system for use as a primary shredder
  • features a patented “cartridge” table that allows the entire wear parts package to be replaced without removing the drive group, bearings or hydraulic connections
  • includes a heavy-duty, open-grate cutting table and strategic cutter placement to ensure that abrasives fall through the cutting table, helping to reduce wear and operating costs

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