Integrated Recycling Technologies moves to new facility

Integrated Recycling Technologies Inc. (IRT), Monticello, Minnesota, says it is moving to a new 238,000-square-foot facility, increasing its presence in the global information technology asset disposition (ITAD) and resale markets.

The company says the move from its 42,000-square-foot facility will facilitate IRT’s plans to upgrade its current extended producer responsibility (EPR) system. The upgraded system will allow customers to access the real-time status of their equipment. The new facility will “drive better customer service, data security and reliability.”

“The move allows us to streamline and improve an already extremely efficient process,” says IRT Chief Operations Officer David Owens. “The new layout allows a seamless process to be laid out from the receiving area to ‘finished good’ shipment without the chance of crossing areas.”

IRT plans to expand its processing capacity from 32 million pounds to 80 to 100 million pounds per year and to grow its resale department.