Herbold Meckesheim USA EWS 60/210 single-shaft shredder

North Smithfield, Rhode Island-based Herbold Meckesheim USA has introduced the EWS 60/210 single-shaft shredder for preshredding baled, bulky or other hard-to-process plastics, including film, agricultural film, mixed plastics and die drool. The shredder is designed for high-volume applications and features:

  • a 3-ton-per-hour throughput capacity
  • wet or dry shredding capability
  • a 23.5-inch diameter rotor with bolted armor plating to eliminate the need for frequent rewelding
  • an integrated clutch mechanism designed to protect the rotor and other key components if unshreddable material enters the chamber
  • easy access to all components to facilitate routine maintenance

Visit www.herboldusa.com. for more information.

Green Eye optical sorter

Hampstead, New Hampshire-based Green Machine LLC says its Green Eye optical sorter automatically identifies and sorts most recyclables, offering clean commodity recovery and decreased labor costs. The Green Eye:

  • uses an optical scanner to collect three-dimensional information about each piece of material on a molecular level
  • can see through wrappers and other packaging
  • uses a high-speed conveyor belt that can operate at speeds of up to 900 feet per minute
  • can sort wanted and unwanted items simultaneously with 95 percent or more accuracy
  • removes or blocks undesired materials from the air ejector

Visit https://greenmachine.com for more information.

Protector-HD-Ultra Metal Detector

Advanced Detection Systems, Milwaukee, offers the Protector-HD-Ultra to keep plastics shredding, granulating and downstream processing equipment safe from damage caused by metal contaminants and lithium-ion batteries in the recycling stream. Sized specifically for your application, the detector:

  • has an electronic control enclosure with PLC outputs used to actuate an automatic reject device or to stop the conveyor
  • features AccuLearn technology that can automatically adjust the sensitivity of the detector based on the product characteristics and plant environment
  • comes with nationwide service to assist with startup and training

Visit www.adsdetection.com/index.html for additional information.