FlexSweep touts sustainability of ‘unbreakable’ push broom

Watsonville, California-based FlexSweep Industries is offering a life-long guarantee on its aero-aluminum and engineered elastomer push broom handles and a discount to recyclers who purchase FlexSweep’s Flex-Power products.

FlexSweep founder and CEO Simon Cassar says recyclers have shown an affinity for his products because of their durability and their sustainability aspects. Cassar says the 16-year-old company sells its patented Flex-Power unbreakable handles for many different cleaning tools used by a wide cross-section of industrial and commercial companies.

The Flex-Power concept, Cassar says, involves answering the question: “Why replace the handle when just the brush or cleaning heads wear out?” He continues, “If you own a saw and your blade wears out, do you replace the whole saw? No, just the blade.” Cassar says he has adopted that mentality with his product line. The company’s aero-aluminum and elastomer broom handle is guaranteed to be replaced if a user breaks it. “If it breaks, we’ll send a replacement with your next order, but we have only done that a handful of times out of tens of thousands of brooms sold.”

Cassar says breaking the broom handle is not easy, and the company’s website features a video demonstrating the point. In the video, a large wheel loader rolls over a FlexSweep broom handle that emerges unscathed. “One broom even got stuck in a large shredder, and amazingly it was shaken and still was not broken,” Cassar says.

Recyclers can use a promotional code to receive a discount when ordering from the FlexSweep website, www.flexsweep.com. Details on that offer can be obtained by emailing Cassar at scassar@flexsweep.com.

Bunting Magnetics acquires Global Magnetics Inc.

Newton, Kansas-based Bunting Magnetics Co. has signed an agreement to acquire Global Magnetics Inc. The Boca Raton, Florida-based company sells and distributes magnetic systems and mineral separation equipment designed and built by Master Magnets Ltd. throughout the U.S., Canada, Central America and South America.

In January 2017, Bunting Magnetics acquired Master Magnets, a brand of industrial magnetic separation equipment, such as eddy current separators, permanent and electromagnets, including overband magnets, drum magnets, magnetic head pulleys and suspension magnets sold through a worldwide network of distributors, including Global Magnetics Inc.

“Global Magnetics has a strong customer base and growth strategy in place to accelerate our footprint in the mining, minerals, quarry and aggregate industries with the world’s most innovative and quality processing and recycling equipment,” says Bob Bunting, president and CEO, Bunting Magnetics.

The company’s growth in these markets will be led by new sales team member Rich Evangelista, business development manager, aggregate, mining and minerals. Evangelista is responsible for growing the Master Magnets line of equipment in these markets throughout the Americas.

Bunting Magnetics, www.buntingmagnetics.com, is a leader in magnet and magnetic equipment design, manufacturing and distribution.

Sennebogen LLC appoints Murphy Tractor as a distributor

Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen LLC, headquartered in Stanley, North Carolina, has named Murphy Tractor, headquartered in Park City, Kansas, an authorized distributor for its material handlers in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia’s northern panhandle. The company’s Pennsylvania locations are in Harmony and Delmont.

According to Bill Buckles, vice president of sales at Murphy Tractor, the company will represent and service Sennebogen from Erie, Pennsylvania, in the north to the Wheeling, West Virginia, area and from the Ohio River to within a 50-mile radius from Pittsburgh.

Sennebogen sales and service for the new territory will be based at the new Murphy facility in Harmony, with support from its branch in Delmont. The Harmony location opened in the summer of 2016 and provides Sennebogen customers with 40,000 square feet of modern, well-equipped service bays and a parts warehousing facility, Sennebogen says.

Buckles says Murphy Tractor is moving quickly to support Sennebogen customers. “We have quite a few Green Machines already operating in the area,” he says. “That’s why we brought a parts inventory into Harmony right away. We’re also getting technicians and parts counter personnel from Harmony trained at the Sennebogen center in Stanley, North Carolina. Our application specialist in material handling will be based here, too, so our sales and service can support those customers as they would expect to be served.”

As well as expanding its product offering to current customers, Murphy Tractor says it will build an increased presence in key niches of the material handler market. Buckles says he sees growing opportunities for the firm’s full range of heavy equipment lines in scrap yards, aggregate operations and river ports, as well as in specialized applications in fertilizer facilities, dredging, pipe handling and log handling. Buckles says Sennebogen’s fleet of electric-drive machines also will be an attractive alternative to many prospects in the territory.

More information is available from www.sennebogen-na.com and from http://murphytractor.com.