Bunting eddy current separation conveyor

Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, Kansas, has unveiled its redesigned eddy current separation conveyor, which it describes as “a well-designed synthesis of technology and functionality.” During development, Bunting says priority was placed on durability, magnetic rotor design and speed to provide optimal separation and easier maintenance. It features:

  • a low-profile design and permanent rare-earth magnetic technology
  • ability to separate nonferrous conductive metals, such as aluminum and copper, from dry recyclables, such as plastic flake
  • magnetic rotor speeds of up to 3,600 rpm during operation
  • available in widths of 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches
Visit https://buntingmagnetics.com for more information.

Shred-Tech AXO MST

Cambridge, Ontario-based Shred-Tech has added the AXO MST line of shredding trucks to its products. The new line offers:

  • a general-purpose shred truck
  • various chassis cab brands
  • produced in partnership with AXO Shredders, it uses AXO’s Fatso 500-16 shredders
  • produced exclusively in Shred-Tech’s North American plant
Visit http://shred-tech.com for more information.

MSS Cirrus FiberMax

Nashville, Tennessee-based MSS Inc., the optical sorter division of the CP Group, San Diego, has introduced its next generation fiber sorting technology, the Cirrus FiberMax, which offers these features:

  • a belt that runs at twice the speed of conventional optical sorters
  • a proprietary air-assist and material handling system that keeps paper moving through the sensing zone in a laminar flow without turbulence
  • the ability to sort paper 40 times faster than manual sorting thanks to belt speeds of 1,000 feet per minute
  • an intuitive learning algorithm designed to adapt to changes in the material stream
  • can be built to custom widths of up to 112 inches
Visit www.mssoptical.com for more information.

Pallmann Industries PLMW Turbofiner Lynx

Pallmann Industries, Clifton, New Jersey, has introduced the PLMW Turbofiner Lynx, which the company says can produce fine rubber powder from scrap tires without the need to add nitrogen as a cooling agent. It features:

  • the ability to produce material as fine as 425 microns, sizes that were not achievable with traditional ambient grinding processes
  • a vibratory feeder or rotary valve that continuously feeds precut material ranging in size from 2 millimeters to 4 millimeters
  • a solenoid coil or air sifter that removes contamination
  • ground material is pneumatically conveyed to a downstream filter that separates the material by particle size
  • new beater plate geometry
Visit www.pallmannindustries.com/products.htm for more information.

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