ISRI has dialogue with CCICNA on expenses issue

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The Washington-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) says it has met with the CCIC North America (CCICNA) Inc., the Chinese shipment inspection provider, regarding questionable expense requests and other issues.

In a July 20 alert to its members, ISRI says its President Robin Wiener and current Chair Brian Shine met with CCICNA representatives at that organization’s headquarters in Los Angeles and “obtained clarification on a number of issues of importance to members.”

ISRI says, “CCICNA clarified that it is now [its] policy to split the expenses incurred during a single trip by an inspector among all the facilities visited.”

Previously, some ISRI member companies had discovered they each had been billed full travel expenses when inspectors conducted business with two or more recycling firms on the same trip.

“As a result of questions raised by ISRI, CCICNA has now printed their policy of sharing costs on their quotation sheets,” the ISRI alert states.

The ISRI delegation also mentioned the shortage of CCIC inspectors in North America. “With the elimination of China’s acceptance of self-inspection by previously approved recyclers, CCICNA has been trying to hire additional inspectors to address the expected increase in demand for preinspection services,” the association says.

ISRI also sought and received clarification from CCICNA that it would provide “continued concurrence with China’s General Administration of Customs to accept Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS), or ISO, as a prerequisite for export licenses.” RIOS is a certification program ISRI designed and introduced.