Pellenc Mistral+

Pertuis, France-based Pellenc ST, with U.S. subsidiary Pellenc ST America Inc. in Fort Mill, South Carolina, says it can help recyclers meet the growing restrictions imposed on exporters sending scrap paper shipments to China with its Mistral+ optical sorter. The machine offers:

  • a dedicated sorting configuration to remove brown cardboard from the deinking stream
  • the Top Speed feature, which is designed to increase the conveyor belt speed from 9.75 feet to 14.75 feet per second
  • easy maintenance and reduced downtime
  • real-time statistical and maintenance analysis to maximize performance

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Fairbanks Scales scale instruments

Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, has announced six new scale instruments based on the FB6000 design. They are designed to be used in a variety of weighing applications, including floor, blender, tank, truck, hopper and rail scales. The FB6005, FB6006 and FB6007 models are analog instruments, and the FB6015, FB6016 and FB6017 instruments feature Intalogix load cell diagnostics and digital load cell communication technology. The products:

  • feature five modes of operation—setpoint, checkweigh, batch, auto-batch and auto-repeat—for relay control
  • include all the features of the current FB6000 products
  • bring relay control for filling applications to the FB6000 family
  • feature a 16-segment bright red LED display, designed for easier-to-read text on the screen

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ASGCO overhead magnetic separator

ASGCO, Allentown, Pennsylvania, describes its magnetic separator as an overhead magnet and powerful nonelectric material separator that is suspended over a conveyor or head pulley to remove ferrous metals. The separator:

  • requires no external power source
  • is suitable for a variety of recycling applications
  • features a self-cleaning stainless steel-cleated belt to move contaminants from product flow into a collection bin or chute
  • is available in custom configurations to accommodate all belt sizes
  • can be installed inline or as a crossover magnet

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Liebherr attachments

The Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH division of Europe-based mobile material handling equipment maker Liebherr is touting its quick-coupler system and specialty attachments as optimal for recycling and demolition applications. They:

  • can be used with hydraulic excavators and material handlers from Liebherr and with machines from other manufacturers
  • can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different applications to optimize handling capacity

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