January 2018 Scrap Metals Supplement


Micromanaging steel production

Nucor Corp. has become the latest steelmaker to adopt the micromill concept, using smaller scrap-fed furnaces to serve regional markets.

Cleaning up for competition

China’s changing regulatory attitude has forced zorba to find new end markets, while U.S. recyclers invest to better refine this mixed-metal grade.

Expecting big things

Economic forecasters and steelmakers in South and Southeast Asia predict the region will continue to consume more scrap and make more steel.

Strategic investment

Automotive battery manufacturer Johnson Controls says it has invested in lead recycler Aqua Metals to build on its commitment to sustainability.

Waiting game

Mills look for offers of more scrap but aren’t getting many.

Clearing the air

Catalytic converter processor PMR, headquartered in Canada, shares how catalytic converters have evolved and how this affects their value.

Adding to the arsenal

William F. Sullivan & Co. Inc. equips its yard in Holyoke, Massachusetts, with a LIBs hand-held analyzer.


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