January 2020 Scrap Metals Supplement


Joining forces

U.S. Steel and Big River Steel’s new partnership brings together integrated and minimill steel production capabilities.

Purity at a premium

As purity standards increase, recyclers are looking to produce single-metal fractions with the help of sensor-based sorting systems.

Financing equipment purchases

Michael Petruski of Great American Group shares his perspective on financing equipment purchases in the scrap industry.

Paying the duty

An industry consultant considers how the 232 and 301 tariffs have affected the various segments of the aluminum industry.

Expanded appetite

JW Aluminum Co.’s expansion plans in Goose Creek, South Carolina, include using more scrap.

Clearing the air

Chicago-based General Iron Industries Inc. adds a regenerative thermal oxidizer to destroy VOC emissions from its auto shredder.

Poised to purchase

Nations in South and Southeast Asia are ramping up their purchases of ferrous scrap from the United States and elsewhere.

The minimill cost advantage

Minimills enjoyed a cost advantage over integrated producers in 2019, but that is not expected to continue going forward.

A need for change

The recovery of the American steel industry requires change in China.


Custom Content

A sheer complement

An Imabe PCL-900 shear baler is a complement to existing equipment at Massachusetts-based Sullivan Metals.

Getting it clean!

The U.S.C. Polisher is a remarkable tool that scrap processors across the country are using to clean material streams.